“BART TEACHES” How To Write, Publish, Print & Sell A Self-Help, Non-Fiction Book For Fun & Profit


How To Write, Publish, Print & Sell A Self-Help, Non-Fiction Book For Fun & Profit
72 Lessons • 35 Video Tutorials • 8.5 Hours • All-levels


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Learn How To Write, Publish, Print & Sell A Self-Help, Non-Fiction Book For Fun & Profit

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Course Description

When it comes to writing books these days, I like to write them “REALLY FAST” so I can go to print with them fast, start marketing the contents in the book fast, and start making money with it … fast! Well, to write a book really fast, here’s what you need to keep in mind, how to start and how to finish!

The following self-publishing course will teach you how to write a self-help, non-fiction book for fun and profit and publish it through Kindle (KDP.com) as a paperback and an eBook. You’ll also learn how to record your book, turn it into an online/offline course and even start selling and marketing your book.

What You Will Learn

  1. Decide WHY You Should To Write A Book — 8 Topics
  2. What TYPE Of Book Will You Write? — 6 Topics
  3. HOW Will You Write Your Book? — 8 Topics
  4. EDIT Your Book — 4 Topics
  5. Design The INTERIOR Pages — 5 Topics
  6. Design The FRONT/BACK COVERS — 7 Topics
  7. Create Your KDP.com (Amazon) Account — 8 Topics
  8. RECORD Your Book — 4 Topics
  9. Convert Your Book Into An EBOOK — 1 Topic
  10. Turn Your Book Into A COURSE — 2 Topics

Marketing & Selling Your Book:

  • Target Sales & Marketing (Who & Where Are Your Book Buyers?)
  • Advertising Ideas & Checklists
  • Bookmarks To Promote Your Books Offline
  • Get Posters Of Your Book Covers For Display Purposes
  • Postcard / Flyer Content & Ideas
  • Seminar + Book Signing Flyer (Free & Fee-Based)
  • Square Price Tags For Your Table
  • “Interview Me” Publicity Web Page
  • Recommended Tutorials For Authors


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Meet The Author

Bart Smith, Author 20+ BooksBART SMITH is the author of 20+ books on relationships, personal development, business, networking, marketing, motivation, coaching and other topics. He's also the founder of MyTrainingCenter.com (MTC) and teaches all the courses at MTC. He's also the founder of SpeakerCafe.com, TVRadioGuest.com, TimeToNetwork.com, FindTheOneForMe.com and BartsCookies.com. Bart records his own audio books, builds his own websites, films/edits his own videos for branding and marketing, conducts his own marketing activities, scores his own media interviews, ... and so much more.