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"Bart's Google Doc book template helped me write my Get Speaking Gigs Now book in a single weekend! Literally, I wrote a book in 2 days with Bart's help!"


"Bart's cover design work and page layouts are unmatched. He helped me write 3 books. One of those books, I wrote in 3 days with his Google doc book template."


"Once Bart showed me how to publish books fast, I got hooked! Now, I'm writing a book every 30 days! My goal is to have 10 books selling on Amazon! Thanks, Bart."


"Bart helped me publish 5 books in 5 months! I'm so happy with his book cover designs, too. Love love love working with Bart. Highly recommend you do too."


"I was trying for 3 years to publish my first book, then I met Bart, and he helped me publish it within 30 days. I've published 3 more with his help. Bart, you rock!"


"Working with Bart was a lot of fun. Not only does he know how to publish a book really fast, he's also super creative and has tons of ideas to help you publish your book!"


"Bart helped me publish two books 'really fast!" We also co-wrote a book on networking. He's the best. I won't work with anyone else. Bart helps me with all my books."


"Working with Bart Smith is like working with a professional on steroids! No, really! He's fast, he's sharp, he's creative and he helped me with my networking book."


"I am so pleased with Bart's book design work. I love the covers he did for me and how he laid out my books on the inside! Working with Bart is such a joy; he's just brilliant!"


"Bart's cover design he did for me is impressing everyone! I used his Google doc book template and my book was written and ready to publish really fast!"


"I really enjoyed working with Bart. He's fast like a bullet train. He came up with a book idea for me out of nowhere and had it printed within 2 weeks. It's really great being an author. Thanks, Bart."


"Bart helped me publish my first book. He's fast, and patient. I remember sitting at a coffee shop with him working on my changes. Thanks, Bart. I really couldn't have done it without you."


"I've known and worked with Bart for almost 20 years. I hired Bart to help me publish my Worry Free Teeth & Gums book because I love how he lays out the insides of books. Great job!"


"I was referred to Bart by Leisa Reid, who also self-published with Bart. Yes, it's true ... Bart is fast, efficient, and easy to work with. Bart had me at the printer within three weeks of meeting him.


"Bart was a pleasure to work with. He was patient with me as I had never written a book before. This was a memoire of my life and very personal to me. Thank so much, Bart. You are very kind.


“What can I say about the man who’s been my webmaster and personal coach/consultant for practically TWO (2) DECADES!!! With his help online, my business has easily grossed over a million dollars in that time. It’s been me, a couple of employees to handle fulfillment, and Bart, at the helm managing the website this whole time. He’s my million dollar webmaster, consultant and friend, for sure.” — Gabriala Brown, ToothSoap.com

“As a business consultant, the thought of writing and marketing my own book was daunting. The lessons I found in Bart's training lessons are simple, and they break huge tasks down to easy-to-follow steps …” — Ann B., Online Marketing Expert

Ever since I met Bart Smith, it’s been non-stop learning ever since, and I’m serious! If you run your own business, like I do, sign up for MyTrainingCenter.com NOW! You won’t waste time dealing with people who ‘say’ they know what they’re doing; instead, you’ll (soon) know better! You won’t have to ‘wait’ for them to come through when they (rarely) do; instead, do it yourself!” — John Santangelo, LANLP.com

“I’ve worked with Bart on and off for years. There’s no one that can work as hard, as fast, and with such precision as Bart does. No one!” — Terri McCready, Online Business Manager, Reno, NV

“After many frustrating months of searching for THE RIGHT web designer to work with me on creating my first website from scratch, I acted on multiple referrals to Bart Smith, especially after reviewing his impressive website, MyTrainingCenter.com. I struck both gold & oil in working with Bart! After a lengthy interview with me he cooked up a website literally OVERNIGHT that totally exceeded my expectations and anything I could have ever conceived of. Bart over-delivered! He KNOWS EVERYTHING …” — Marlene Green, Business & Real Estate Investor

Wow, everything you will ever need to learn and succeed in business, online and in marketing; you will find it inside MyTrainingCenter.com (MTC). It’s all-in-one! No need to buy any other package or training material. Everything inside MTC is laid out in a clear and concise manner. There’s no room for wondering or confusion.” — Remy Attalin, Dentist, France

“For the last several years I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on tutorial books, software and conferences when MyTrainingCenter.com was all I needed. Wow, Bart Smith has created (the only) inexpensive one-stop shop that provides step-by-step, easy-to-understand information; complete with videos, text and convenient navigation links for almost any subject.” — Richard D., Financial Payments Director

“Within 20 minutes you showed me how to make a change on my website and how to upload files it to my website server using FTP software; something I’ve been trying to do myself for over a YEAR! I never thought it could be that fun and easy! Bart, I really appreciate your time, knowledge and your energy and taking the time to set me up to WIN!” — Paul Babbit, Personal Development Coach

Bart’s been my book designer, web designer and go-to person for so much for the past 15+ years. He created my whole INTERVIEW TACTICS book concept, book title and tweaked it so to where I’m still using what he came up with years ago to make money to this day. Oh, and he laid the book out on the inside, as well as the cover design work, which hasn’t needed to be touched since it was born. I work with the best in my industry and am in contact with so many, so called, experts. Bart stands in a league of his own. If you get to work with him like I have, then you know exactly what it’s like to not only have a true friend in your life, but someone who cares deep down about your success and being the best at what you do.” — Gayl Murphy, 20+ Year Hollywood Correspondent (15,000 Interviews)

Bart, on a serious note, I wanted to tell you how impressed I am (with your web work). Friends / family ask me all the time ‘what do you do again?’ and the stock answer of ‘writing software for subscription websites’ often doesn’t register. Now, I can just tell them the domain name and say to them, ‘take a look at our website and our case studies … I write the software that makes that happen.’ It’s also reminded me of why I do this — because people actually benefit from it. Thanks again!” — Dave K., Programmer

“Your superb art work and (web) design are the best. I love the way you think and the way you operate. Your work on my websites, and consulting advice can be compared to no one I know. Love your books too!” — Connie Q., Real Estate Agent

Bart, I never knew you were such a research monster! How do you create these comprehensive lists of marketing resources, and do all the rest you do? I’ve been a marketing consultant for almost 30 years, and your training website (MTC) is the only resource I have found that includes all of this valuable information in one place. Oh, did I tell you? I fired the person who was doing my research, because you’ve done it all and more than she ever will find online.” — Debbie B., Marketing Consultant & Trainer

“Bart, I am very pleased that you are in my life. As always, you are a joy to work with, ever so resourceful, a wonderful speaker and one of the best ‘networkers’ I’ve ever met. How you go about connecting people together is truly amazing.” — Susan L., Speaker Consultant

“Wow! Bart, we are blown away! You’ve far exceeded our expectations. All of our members who visit our website keep contacting us to tell us how impressed they are with the 1000% improvement you’ve made on our new site. I’ve never met such a RENAISSANCE MAN before, Bart, you are the ‘Whole Package.'” — Leah K., Real Estate Investment Club & Marketing Director

“Bart, I just wanted to express my feelings about your training website, MyTrainingCenter.com! I was actively seeking a site with information that could teach me how to create audio products I can sell from my website. After learning what your site had to offer, I instantly signed up to become a member.” — Rod T., Physical Trainer

“As always, you have come to my (business’) rescue. Thank you!” — Oksana B., Aerodynamics Consultant

“Bart your letter was so beautiful. It is really pushing me into the right direction. I am motivated and inspired.” — Paula L., Actress/Model

I think Bart is the BEST web designer I’ve ever come across because he not only designs your site, but he designs it with his savvy marketing mind that helps you to attract a continuous stream of new business! — Jim M., Professional Speaker/Trainer

“First things first, Bart is not human. He is a machine. The way he pumps out books, websites, marketing advice, … I’ve NEVER seen anyone work as fast as he does and with such precision. You know Bart’s work if you ever get to see it. He stands out from among all others. Thank YOU, Bart, for all the work you’ve done for me.” — Hasani Pettiford, Relationship Expert, TV Personality & College Speaker

“No one can fill your shoes.” — Joyce G., Health Consultant

“I’ve learned more from Bart in all my interaction with other coaches and trainers than I have my entire life on the Internet. Bart teaches me something every 5 minutes I speak to him. He took my original website and overnight turned it into a modern day selling machine. He also inspired me to write books and within 3 months I was an author. When it comes to eCommerce and charging clients, he really schooled me in ways I never thought to collect payments from my clients. Bart is the BOMB! Train with him. You will NOT regret it! Going on 3 years and I’m still learning from him. He doesn’t stop teaching you!” — Noa S., NoasCoaching.com

“I’ve known Bart for almost ten years now. During that time, he’s been my webmaster, audio recording consultant, marketing consultant, business consultant, good friend, and if there’s anyone I trust when it comes to my business, website design, eCommerce, creating/selling products and recording my seminars, Bart’s the man to go to.” — Dr. Andrea Purcell, NMD, PortalToHealing.com

“I have done business with a lot of very knowledgeable people on many different subjects, but I must say that Bart Smith is at the top of the list when it comes to many aspects of the Internet. Time and again, I have found Bart to be one of the most resourceful and leading-edge resources …” — Deborah P., Marketing/Publicity Consultant

Thanks for the BART-FUEL. I needed it. I really appreciate your time on the phone. We’ll get this book off the ground soon, I just know it. I love your energy and appreciate your positive and always motivational emails.” — Mike P., Golf Trainer/Consultant

“Thanks, Bart. Really, you’ve really been there for me, helping me, guiding me, providing me the direction I need; the vision and training materials I need to take what I know and move to the next level (income-wise; working-wise). What you offer through MyTrainingCenter.com is so much more than what they teach at the college level. And, for the price? You blow colleges out of the water!” — Troy (H.T.B.), Consultant

“I’ve owned my own marketing company for years, and it is truly difficult to find ‘integrity’ and ‘talent’ within the same person these days; combined with dependability and a wonderful sense of humor, … BART ROCKS!” — Alexandra T., Business Owner & Health Product Specialist & Marketer

“Bart, thank you so much for ALWAYS taking time to help me. The material in MyTrainingCenter.com is very useful for someone who is a ‘computer newbie’ like me. Your step-by-step approach with graphics is really user-friendly. It makes the learning more fun. Our talk on the marketing strategy was inspiring, too. I think you have a special gift in knowing what a person wants and needs, which is very essential in business. I’m so glad we’ve reconnected again.” — Masako W., Acupuncturist

“Bart, when I have a GREAT IDEA, but don’t know where to go with it, you come to my rescue! Thank you, Bart, you’re such a great friend!” — Jill S., Producer & Radio Show Host

“I’ve had the good fortune to be able to work with Bart on many projects over the years. Bart has provided amazing support and delivered fast and effective solutions to my challenges with website design, eCommerce, and online marketing strategies. Given that he’s in a completely different time zone to me makes him even more incredible. I get faster responsiveness from Bart than I do from many service providers in my own city! Bart is smart, savvy and infinitely knowledgeable on many topics. I would highly recommend that anyone in business, who needs the sort of help that Bart can provide, to work with him. You won’t look back, really. And I can’t withhold the fact that his cookies are without doubt THE best I have ever eaten anywhere in the world. If you’re lucky, you may get one when you decide to work with him!” — Jenny Stilwell, Marketing Consultant (Australia)

“I am absolutely amazed at your articulation and just general sense of perceptions about things. When you spoke about computers and business and your training center, wow, I was just blown away by how much you knew. Thank you for your help. You’re very caring.” — Urbara S., Health Professional

“I think one of the luckiest days I ever had was when a friend of mine gave me Bart Smith’s phone number. I needed help in trying to record over the telephone. So, I called Bart. He had never heard about me, but as is his nature, he answered all my questions and that much more! I never knew anyone so generous with his time and knowledge. He doesn’t hold anything back! Then, when I was thinking of having my website revamped, …” — Patsy B., Online Business Manager

“I first met Bart almost ten years ago. To date, I am still blown away at what Bart knows, his level of care and enthusiasm for teaching people and empowering them to be greater than they think they can be. He actually takes you there! I flew out to train with Bart for a whole week. It was non-stop learning and working on my website and going over my personal plans for what I was doing at the time. If I EVER need inspiration, an idea, organization of my ideas, website advice, book advice, even marketing advice, Bart tells it straight like it is. No holds barred. He’s truly one of a kind, and a really good friend.” — Todd Woods, Franchise Consultant/Trainer

“Bart, thank you so much for my website, eBook and for hooking up the opt-in box on my website like you did! I’m already starting to build a list of people I can get to know and help. You should also know I am getting so many compliments about the website, its layout, what you did, it’s just incredible!” — Amy T., MSW, LCSW


“I was almost at the point in my life where I thought I was going to have to go get (the J-word) … yes, a J.O.B. Bart and I talked, and he gave me a chock-full of ideas to carry out, ALL based on his book Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach. I can remember the phone call. Specifically, I was told to focus my reading on creating packages and naming them, as outlined in CHAPTER 2. Then, come up with my ideal client, based on his formula, and go after ’em! It is incredible how he thinks like he does. We both agreed and now I’m off to creating a whole coaching program based on my skills and talents in social media (and more). To date, I can seriously say that Bart’s coaching advice (and book) is paying off. This book is essential for anyone who wants to learn how to get out of the corporate world (or take their current coaching career or aspirations for coaching), and reach for the stars with their passion and intellect. Thanks, for being such an inspiration, Bart. I knew I was always an entrepreneur at heart, and RCBC is helping me to shine in ways I never knew I could. I’ll be finished with packaging my offerings soon, and selling them like hotcakes on Sunday. Learning from Bart is also so much fun and inspirational! RCBC gives you everything you need to get started with your (coaching) business and I mean EVERYTHING! Rich Coach Broke Coach is the ultimate coaching book to help you reach for the coaching stars.”

Sherrie R., Webinar Coach, San Diego, CA

Sherrie R., Webinar Coach, San Diego, CA

I have been a successful franchise business owner and coach to franchise owners for over 20 years. I would like to say that Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach has been one of the most impressive books I have ever read on coaching. Not only as a book, but as a companion study guide with worksheets and nearly unlimited resources to everything one needs to be a successful coach. The layout is incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it. The way each chapter teaches, gives resources, then gives the worksheets to be completed as ‘homework’ so to speak … leaves me utterly amazed. It’s one thing to READ a book about coaching, but, WOW, much better the way Bart helps a person take action and builds on their existing coaching practice or helps people as they start (a coaching business) from scratch. Thanks, Bart! Just AMAZING!”

Todd Woods, Woods Consulting Group, SLC, Utah

Todd Woods, Woods Consulting Group, SLC, Utah

All coaches can relate when we reach that point in developing our coaching business that we need contracts, forms and agreements to work with our clients. Well, knowing how much work and expertise is involved creating contracts from scratch, I knew I’d be better off going online and finding a resource to save me that time/energy. Who popped up in my search results over and over? Bart Smith and his Coaching Client Forms bundle. I looked things over and for the price, wow, where's my credit card? I wouldn’t even know where to start. He’s taken all the guess work out of what forms to have, use and because he’s provided so much, you can easily scale back and use only the forms you need. In the time I ordered my forms, downloaded them and started to customize them, I was on my way to using them for my needs. Great work, Bart, and THANK YOU!”

Angela Hook, ForeverEvolving.org, Lansing, MI

Angela Hook, ForeverEvolving.org

Lansing, MI

“I knew I needed coaching forms and agreements when I started my coaching business. The problem was, WHO was going to write them, would I cover everything, and did I even want to spend the time doing it? Drafting contracts and agreements can be a very daunting task for anyone who isn’t familiar with drafting contracts, logs and agreements. Even when you get certified as a coach, typically, they NEVER hand you the forms you need to run your business when you receive your certificate. So, I went looking online and that’s when I found Bart’s coaching client forms. What a blessing. I couldn’t find anyone who had as many contracts/forms for sale, in a single bundle and with so much detail as Bart did with his coaching client forms. I’m so glad I bought them. Customizing them was a cinch, and actually a lot of fun. Bart makes it so easy. Just download, open up the file(s) and start customizing them.”

Ann Dillard, KIP Consulting Services, LLC, Decatur, GA

Ann Dillard, KIP Consulting Services, LLC

Decatur, GA

“I really want to thank Bart for creating these forms. They gave me so many ideas on how to better structure and organize my coaching and consulting business when it comes to how I work with my clients. Customizing them was easy since they’re in Microsoft Word. Just download the forms, choose which one you want to customize first and print. Easy. I love handing them out to my clients. Makes me feel good and the client sees how organize I am.”

Alicia C., Real Estate Trainer & Investor, Dallas, TX

Alicia C., Real Estate Trainer & Investor

Dallas, TX

“I knew I needed coaching forms and agreements when I started my coaching business. The problem was, who was going to write them, would I cover everything, and did I even want to spend the time doing it? Drafting contracts and agreements can be a very daunting task for anyone who isn’t familiar with drafting contracts. So, I went looking online and that’s when I found Bart’s coaching forms. I couldn’t find anyone who had as many contracts for sale, in a bundle and with such detail as Bart did. I’m so glad I bought them.”

Angela H., LeadershipElevateHer.com, Waxhaw, NC

Angela Hosking, LeadershipElevateHer.com

Waxhaw, NC


“It was well worth the wait, as these cookies were out of this world delicious. Now, being a chocolate lover, I have sampled my share of chocolate chip cookies. But, I have never ones as tasty as Bart’s Cookies. With every bite, you get a mouthful of chocolate chips, that melt in your mouth. And, by the time we got up from the table, all we were left with were the wrappers the cookies came in …”

“Bart’s cookies are DANGEROUSLY DECADENT! … The taste is HUGE and HEAVENLY!”

“I know most people would think I’m exaggerating when I say that I really believe these are the World’s Best cookies, but I would challenge them to find another cookie that tastes this yummy.”

“The moment I opened the box I could smell chocolate! Every bite is loaded …”

“After eating my first cookie I was surprised at its freshness. They were mailed to my house as fresh as if they had just been taken out of the oven. ”

“Pure heaven, absolutely the best I’ve ever had! I’m calling these ‘better than sex’ cookies …”

“What can I say about Bart’s cookies? Whenever he treats me to a 1/2 dozen, I sneak off to a corner all by myself, take a long bite into them and literally take off to another world. I’m a mother, a wife and a great cook and I’ve never had cookies that taste this good. Thank you, Bart. You’re so sweet for thinking of me when you bring them in.” ~ Pam, Waitress, West Los Angeles, CA




“All I can say is WOW WOW WOW. Oh, and I wish I had this book 10 years ago. When I sat down with Bart to review the book before it came out, I had no idea the depth and material he would go into and cover. Literally, from start to finish, Bart spans your whole love life, from the time you start looking for love as an adult, to when you find it, spend time with that person, up until the day when the one you were with is no longer with you for whatever reason. He goes into life at that stage of the game. It’s incredible. I’m learning so much and applying it to my own life to help find the ONE for me. Thanks Bart, for writing a book no one else had the courage, knowledge, time, energy or wherewithal to write. Only you could have written a book like this and you did it so perfectly.” — Marlene G., Orlando, FL

“GREAT JOB ALL AROUND, BART!!! You never disappoint. The layout of the book is so beautiful! ‘Fantastico!’ You’re a gifted writer, a no B.S. coach/teacher/trainer and with twelve other books in print, FIND THE ONE FOR ME shows your relationship expertise and brilliance throughout. Solid advice, easy to read, understand and apply. Love it!” — Lola, N. Hollywood, CA

“I’m so impressed with Bart, and all of his books, especially LAWS OF THE BEDROOM, and then he comes out with FIND THE ONE FOR ME. If I would have had this book 30 years ago, I would have saved myself from kissing a lot of toads with zero hope of them ever gaining prince status. I bought it instantly, read it cover to cover in a week, listened to his sensuous voice reading the audio and bought three more books for my daughters who are deserving and searching of good men. I won’t worry because they have access to the best relationship coach in the palm of their hands sharing the wisdom of life and finding the one for them. I’m a retired teacher of 30 years. No one I know can share this wisdom, not just knowledge, quite like Bart does. P.S. Bart, I have so many single women my age interested in your book. I’m sending them to your website pronto!“ — Nita, Grand Island, NE and mother of 3 daughters in their 20’s!

“Bart’s book (FIND THE ONE FOR ME) is what every guy needs, and every woman, who is looking to find that one person they can truly call their soulmate. As a venting coach, I hear so many men and women share with me about how the one they’re with isn’t treating them well, or they’ve fallen out of love, or they’re single and looking and can’t find anyone. Along with his other book, LAWS OF THE BEDROOM, FIND THE ONE FOR ME covers so much ‘relationship’ material, that it should be given to every man and woman when they turn 18 years of age. Bart, you did it again. Another brilliant work of relationship literature for the world to consume, learn from and grow from. I know anyone who reads your book will improve their chances at finding real love in this crazy world.” — Noa, Los Angeles, CA

“Every guy will say they don’t need help in finding a date or being in a relationship, but that’s B.S., as Bart would be quick to call it himself. So, when I started reading FIND THE ONE FOR ME, boy was I quickly enlightened on so many topics that I never would have thought of. I’m seriously looking for the one for me and can’t wait to put Bart’s advice into action. Thanks, Bart.” — Ken, San Diego, CA

“What I know of Bart is that he pours every ounce and effort into the books he’s written. I look at all of his books, which I have, and I’m just astounded by his breadth of knowledge, his care for humanity and people’s happiness, in general. Where relationships are concerned, he’s sick of the B.S. (see his book B.S. The Book) they go through and hence I can see why he puts so much time and energy into his one book, FIND THE ONE FOR ME. I know my son and daughter are getting copies. Having found the one for me, I want them to have every chance at finding the one for them too. Thank you, Bart. You are an inspiration to us all.” — Phil, Solana Beach, CA

“I know Bart and look to him when I need sound advice on how to deal with a relationship issue. He’s caring, spot-on, and knows what he’s talking about. I love all his books, and this one, FIND THE ONE FOR ME, tells it like it is and so much more. If you get the chance to work with him, ladies, he’s like the big brother you never had who looked out for you in every way. Anyone single, looking to leave a relationship, wondering if they should get out to find the one for them, needs to read Bart’s book. Turn to it without hesitation. It has the answers you seek.” — Jacque, Torrance, CA

“As I got to know Bart and his books, and the work he does for his friends and clients, I discovered one thing that stood out most about Bart … he cares about people, their success and most importantly, he cares that they find the one for them. Bart’s book, FIND THE ONE FOR ME, is so well done, so thought out, so rich with real life advice … seriously, I do not need to read another book on dating or relationships to find the one for me. In fact, I’m just going to bring his book with me wherever I go to be used as a conversation piece with my next date. In fact, ladies, of all ages, if you haven’t found the one for you yet, or wondering if the guy you’re dating is (or isn’t) marriage material, then all you need is Bart’s book (FIND THE ONE FOR ME). Get his book and stop wasting time with men who are NOT the ONE for you. Time is not on our side, as women, if you know what I mean. That said, getting the kind of advice from Bart, a man yes, you’re in for the real deal. No B.S. and no fluff inside. It’s funny, I have to hide my copy, because my single friends want to take it home with them when they see it at my house. Bart, way to go!” — Arda, N. Hollywood, CA



Laws of the Bedroom wasn’t just written for men to experience the pleasures of making love to a woman. That would be selfish! No way! Instead, Laws of the Bedroom™ was written for both men and women. Specifically, for men, for the benefit of the women they love! Here’s what both men and women have to say about Laws of the Bedroom™ …

“I listen to your audio on the way to work in the car. Bart, I’m what, 15-20 years older than you, and I’ve never heard any one give the kind of advice you do in the way that you give it. I’m just amazed at how you explain things, and how in depth to each you go. You are wise beyond your years.” – Ted R. San Rafael, CA

Finally, a no-nonsense, ‘tell it like it is’ book written for men, by a man. It’s about time this book was written. I’m a therapist who is paid to communicate every day with my clients, and yet even my own husband didn’t know how to please me as Laws of the Bedroom™ suggests a man (really) please a woman, sexually. Bart, this book is long overdue. I’m very familiar with many books written on the subject of sex and improving relationships between a man and a woman. And, by far, Bart, your book stands head and shoulders above them all. Why? Because, it’s real. You’re real. You really live what you write about and that’s inspiring to me and my husband. You tell-it-like-it-is and how making love (between a man and a woman) should be! Now, I’m getting exactly what I need in bed and in our relationship. That’s the plus! My man loves me deeper as I have turned to love him more too. Thank you, Bart!” — Janice F., Ph.D., Psychologist

“While browsing for a podcast, I noticed the Laws of the Bedroom™ as a favorite download. My wife who, is much younger, had expressed interest in reconnecting our relationship; so I attempted to order the podcast to see what the ‘Laws’ could teach me at my age (almost 60). But, there was a problem! Bart was revamping his web site and his podcast show … Well, this started a really cool adventure with Bart Smith. My eMails to him (inquiring about the status of his podcast shows/site) were answered with book excerpts and direct, personal, relevant advice. From there, I listened and learned. My next romantic marital encounter went a little different. Following Bart’s advice, I was more patient, less direct, more fun, less predictable. The result was off the schzam! Bart’s Laws of the Bedroom™ aren’t that much different than any man would write if he could think like a woman. But since all of us need to think like a woman to please a woman, somebody needs to show the way. At least for me, it never came as naturally and unselfishly as it did after understanding the Laws! Thanks again, Bart.” — John P., Michigan

“Had Shakespeare been able to read the Laws of the Bedroom™ back then, his infamous quote would have read: ‘If The Laws be the food of love, play on.’ Bart Smith has written a book that definitely plays the tune of love and sex like no other. Peppered with refreshing notes that set it apart from other books in genre of sex and relationships, the Laws is about making love in the heat of the moment as well as in the chill of daily distraction. It’s about making love that not only brings both the man and the woman more pleasure, but brings them closer together on all levels to create a love that lasts.” — Dawn H., San Diego, CA

When my own husband finally read your book, Laws of the Bedroom, he finally got it! Wow, what a difference your book made in our sex life. Thank you! Thank you! Oh, and, your hotel getaway ‘check list’ and recommendations for (the choice of) music to listen while we made love was so hot I’m melting inside just thinking about when I’m going to make love to my man again. Work? Job? Huh? What? I want my man right now … I can’t think about anything else! Thank you, Bart, for writing Laws of the Bedroom.” — Tami F., Los Angeles, California

“I have to say, I have experienced the Laws of the Bedroom™ first hand. I took your ‘laws of the bedroom’ and used them with my man. We were able to use these ‘Laws’ and enjoy each other more than we ever had before. Wow, there is no substitute for this knowledge … The physical and emotional intensity between us, while we made love together, grew so much once we started to use these ‘Laws”. We changed our ways of thinking and realized that this was the only way to be together, romantically, sexually and in life, as a couple! Once our physical relationship changed our emotional relationship changed as well; all for the better and all because of the ‘Laws!’ The different positions that Laws of the Bedroom™ talk about enhances the passion that can be experienced in a loving relationship. It brings more perspective to me, as a woman, and the feeling of ‘just getting it done and over with’ is long gone. It places more attention on pleasing me and helping me to be able to focus on making love to my man.” — Debra H., Los Angeles, CA

“Bart, I’m not sure what motivated you to write this book, but I thank you. Your intention is certainly in the right place. Men need to be shown how to worship a woman, sexually-speaking. Wow, I can’t wait to hear the audio version of Laws of the Bedroom. You’re going to blow people away.” — Andrea P., Newport Beach

[Regarding the Audio Version of the Laws] “Bart, what I really liked about the audio is the tone and intonation of your voice on the audio recordings of the Laws. Being a professional studio sound engineer in the recording industry here in Los Angeles, I’ve seen and heard the very best come and go through my studio. Your voice has that pro sound to it! Also, I have to admit, I’ve used some of your Laws suggestions to great effect. As a matter of fact, I have a great new girlfriend who would absolutely attest to your program being a success! We’re both looking forward to hearing your other audio files. Amazing material you’ve recorded here. You should have your own radio show … You do, don’t you?” — G.M., Los Angeles, California (Gentleman)

“I know a lot of smart people, people with PhD’s and degrees. Bart, I’ve never heard anyone talk like you do. Where did you get your training? Education? Where? You’re a dynamite conversationalist, and what you wrote in the laws book, is simply in a class by itself.” – Adam, Irvine, CA

“Because of where I work (e.g., book printer), I can’t really sit around and read all day, or I’d never get anything done. But, when I opened up your book file to check it before putting in to print, I definitely started reading it. Then, all of a sudden, I had to stop! Whoa! The question I have is how do you know what you know? I see a lot of books on this material come my way, but never anything like yours. You’re truly an amazing man.” — Peggy, Indiana

“I had to put the Laws down within minutes of picking it up, it made me so horny!” — Cindy, Los Angeles, CA

“Hey Bart, I read your Laws book, and from a woman’s point of view, here’s what I have to say, … ‘I LOVED IT!!!’ I cannot believe you wrote all this. Where did you get all this knowledge? It was easy reading and I got through it pretty quick. The material is so fun to read. My husband also read some (he doesn’t read much), and even he said it was great!” — Lindsay, Los Angeles, CA

“The Laws ‘broke me,‘ and now no one can fix me … your Laws are powerful!” — Cathy C., Costa Mesa, CA

Your Laws are so good to me! I can’t get enough of my man now! I see him, I want him. It’s like some kind of magic potion – I’m hooked on him! The Laws are to blame.” — Heather D., Los Angeles, CA

“Always, your Laws come to my rescue! I’m very impressed with your Laws. You seem to cover everything a woman could ask for when it comes to pleasure, sex, relationships, being taken care of (intimately) by her man. This book is amazing! And, the part I was most impressed with? You don’t disrespect women. In fact you exalt them! You’re not like any of those other sex-women-chasing-seduction type teachers. No, you’re the complete opposite. And, that blows me away!” — O.B., Huntington Beach, CA (Woman)

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