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Feminism B.S.

Feminism B.S.

(The Good, The Bad & The Ultra-Ugly!) + “TOXIC FEMININITY” – FEMINISM Is About CONTROL (Not Choice) & Destroys Romance, Love-lives, … It For What It Is: “Toxic” For All Humanity

by Bart Smith

Traditional feminism is not the focus of this book, but rather today's radical, angry, culturally Marxian code word for a far-left movement that only seeks to undermine what their hearts truly desire … to find love and be loved in a crazy world overrun by a male-bashing media, bias family courts against fathers, male-blaming academia and hostile feminist organizations still crying “wolf” and female “victim hood,” which driving men fast and far away from the very women they’d rather love and cherish. Women need to spurn the label of “feminist” N.O.W. 


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260+ pages of pure FEMINISM B.S.

Being the avid writer that I am and having an interest in not just writing about relationships, but politics and culture as well, I knew I had to write a book about this topic (feminism) sooner or later. It was just in the past 5-10 years or so that I saw the writing on the wall with regards to women entering their 30’s and 40’s alone, without a man (boyfriend/husband) and without children or with children and still without a husband. Yikes! NOT GOOD!


Take a peek inside this eye-opening book on the worst side of Feminism and how it’s destroying relationships between men and women today. Then order the paperback or the online version and read + listen to it on any device.


It would appear to me, and I KNOW I’m not alone on this one, but it seems Feminists, feminism and Western women have created a landscape of confusion, even hostility towards men, and, worse, broad atmospheres of fear that permeate throughout our culture, society and among the hearts and minds of both men and women that make both genders question … does love still exist? What about romance? Is romance dead? Kindness? All gone? courtesy? Down the drain? Gentleness? Chivalry? Out with the trash? What’s left?

Well, this book is for all men and women with the hopes that I can expose (and eradicate) third-wave feminism for what it is … B.S. Check out the TABLE OF CONTENTS for this masterpiece and if any of it piques your curiosity, order the book or read it online right here at BartSmithWorld.com.

PART #1:

Feminism (Anti-Family Agenda, Social Fraud, Cost …)

• How Feminism …

• Negatively Affects WOMEN

• Negatively Affects MEN

• Negatively Affects FAMILIES

• Negatively Affects HAVING CHILDREN

• Negatively Affects SOCIETY

Books I Recommend You Read After Feminism B.S.

PART #2:


(Random Notes, Absurdities, Hilarious Contradictions, Delusional Double Standards, Non-Conformers & Total Feminist Lunacy)

• Absurdities

• Blame Game / Taking Responsibility / Ownership For Her


• Brainwashing

• Career

• Chivalry

• Dating & Relationships

• Delusions / Denial

• Double Standards

• Entitlement B.S.

• Equality B.S.

• Family, Law, Etc.

• Fears Men Have

• Female Nature

• Feminism B.S.

• Future Predictions

• Humor (Have A Laugh On Feminism)

• Hypocrisy / Lunacy

• Laws

• Let Me Help You Out Here

• Love

• Main Goal Of Feminism

• Make Up Your Mind / Double-Speak

• Male Privilege

• Male Treatment, Male Bashing, Anti-Male, Anti-Men Attitudes

• #Metoo

• Men & Women Are Different

• Non-Conformers

• Our Design (Man/Woman)

• Pay Gap (Fact, Myth Or Part B.S.)

• Sexual Liberation

• Stacked Against Men, Nothing Equal/Fair In These Areas

• Stats

• Toxic Feminists

• Toxic Masculinity? (Not Really)

• War Against Boys & Men

• Welcome To The World Of Men

• What Men Do For You & Society

• What Women Once Had

• So, Where Do You Stand?

PART #3:

Chapter EXCERPTS From “Watch Out Ladies”

by Bart Smith

Chapter #2 (EXCERPT)

Sex: With Multiple Men For Too Many Years

Chapter #4 (EXCERPT)

Postponing Marriage/Motherhood Into Your 30s/40s (Not The Best Idea! Here’s Why!)

Chapter #5 (EXCERPT)

Too Career Focused & For Too Long (Pros & Cons)

Chapter #7 (EXCERPT)

Personal Habits, Traits & Behaviors (That Can Drive Him Away!) = “TOXIC FEMININITY!“

Chapter #8 (EXCERPT)

Having Higher Income/Education Requirements Of Men (Here’s What To Do & Say To Him!)

Chapter #9 (EXCERPT)

Mr. Perfect vs. Mr. He’s Good Enough (“Yes, I Will …”)

Chapter #10 (EXCERPT)

M.G.T.O.W. (Men Going Their Own Way) “Ladies Be Worried ... NOW!“

Chapter #11 (EXCERPT)

Porn, Fapping, PMO, Sex Bots & “No More” Sex For You, Ladies! (“You’re Being Erased From His Mind!”)

Chapter #14 (EXCERPT)

Pop Culture & The Media (Nothing But Lies & More B.S. That Cause Women To Suffer Even More)

Chapter #15 (EXCERPT)

“The Wall” & Sexual/Marriage Market Value (Watch Out! oh, and … “Meowww!”)


What Should Women Do After Reading All This? Well, …

Summary & Words Of Encouragement

• What Women Have To Understand, Accept & Declare

• What Else, Must Be Done?

• If Women Don’t Understand, Accept & Declare

 Feminism As Pure B.S. Then …

• How Can I Help You Decide?

• To The Naysayers About This Book

How are men and women supposed to interact among each other if only to come together for the occasional carnal lust-filled episode of a fast hookup via their favorite app? I don’t know if where we’re at today is progressing or regressing into some dark and lonely period in our lives where women postpone marriage into their 30’s and 40’s only to realize the BIG LIE feminists told them about having it all, or your career comes first (for 10 years while you ride the c**k carousel), family second if ever … Wow, sadly, what’s happening on the whole is women are entering their 30’s and 40’s single, alone, with a few nice friends who are single too, no boyfriend/husband and no children. Not that having children or getting married is the end all for everyone, but most would agree being in a relationship has its perks and having your own family sure beets living with cats for 40 years.



I also recorded this book in audio format (8.9 HOURS) so you can listen to it as you work, wait, play, drive, ride, etc. Check out these audio samples below. If you like what you hear, you can listen to the audio book version for FREE on my YouTube Channel. Just subscribe (for FREE) and start listening!


“First and foremost, I am a husband and a father of two beautiful little girls. Second, I am also a professional speaker and author of several relationship books that deal with the very topics (Bart cover in Watch Out Ladies) throughout black communities and on college campuses all across the United States. Having said that, you have to know, I was thoroughly impressed with what was covered inside Watch Out Ladies. I mean, this one book covers so much of everything a young lady definitely needs to watch out for in the world of dating and interacting with men. When I read through Watch Out Ladies, I was blown away at how much they packed within each chapter, from start to finish. So, for all those parents out there, for their daughters’ sake, get this book and read it so your daughters don’t get played for a lay, or engage in dangerous sex on campus, get an STD, grow up alone and single into later adulthood. I could go on. WOL will definitely help them steer clear of the dangers and learn the true benefits of choosing abstinence over promiscuity, until they find that one true love. A must-read by all.” ~ Hasani Pettiford, Husband/Father & Author of Black Thighs, Black Guys & Bedroom Lies (One of the most profound books ever written on relationships, which clearly exposes how lust, deception and sexual self-gratification ultimately destroy both the individual and the relationship.)

“This book is for females of all ages. It touches on relevant issues, provides important information, and offers practical advice. Whether you are single and looking, happy to be alone, dating, or married with children, Watch Out Ladies brings to light your past, present, or future. And while some women may not want to hear the truth, Watch Out Ladies definitely speaks it.” ~ Dominique A., New Jersey

“As an expert speaker and author on suicide, and President of the American Association of Suicidology, any message that we can get out to our teens and young women on how to prevent any thoughts of depression or suicide or the actual act of it, must be given the type of exposure I hope Watch Out Ladies gets and deserves. While sex alone isn’t the one and only cause for young people to consider thoughts of suicide, or act out on it, it (i.e., casual sex) is still in one of the high-risk behaviors that can lead someone we love to take her own life if she were depressed enough about what she had done or how she felt after she participated in such an activity. Something we can never take casually. I hope Watch Out Ladies gets in the hands of every young woman, before and during those moments of self-doubt and depression during and after any sexual breakup. The extreme option for these young ladies to take is not a pretty one.” ~ Michelle Linn-Gust, Ph.D., Author/Speaker/ Suicide Expert Author of Do They Have Bad Days In Heaven? Surviving the Suicide Loss of a Sibling and President of the American Association of Suicidology

“Bravo, Bart, for writing a book every young women needs to get their hands on before they fall deep into trouble dabbling in the casual, sexual affairs that affect the heart, mind and the soul of a woman. Watch Out Ladies, through all its stories, and real-life circumstances, describes in detail how a young lady should proceed through the ‘social jungle’ of dating men as Bart describes it. ~ Jackie J., Mom, Tax Specialist & Entrepreneur, Las Vegas, Nevada

“Watch Out Ladies couldn’t have been written at a more opportune time. With the terrible crushing of the family unit in America, the rise in divorce, STD’s, immodesty, and many people flat out using each other for sex, I applaud Bart Smith for writing this book I hope you hold in your hands soon!” ~ Karen Van Cleef, Wife/Mother of Two Daughters In Their 20’s

“Watch Out Ladies should be a must-read by every mother and father wanting to learn more about what their young daughters face today and how they can avoid the pitfalls so many young women fall into.” ~ Todd W., Husband/Father of Five (3 Teen Girls, 2 Teen Boys), Franchise Owner & Marketing Consultant

“I work in an office where the young ladies DO NOT adhere to what’s recommended inside Watch Out Ladies. So, what then do I hear all day? Their problems with men, breakups, unplanned pregnancies, heartaches, loneliness, and every other horror story Watch Out Ladies warns young women about. Ladies, get this book!” ~ Cindy S., Mom, North Carolina

“In all the TV shows I’ve helped produce covering relationships, dating, marriage/divorce, sex, cheating/infidelity, women dating older/younger men (and visa verse), of all the books I’ve seen come across my desk, and guests on my shows, I’ve never seen a book like Watch Out Ladies. Ladies, get this book. It’s a one-of-a-kind relationship book for women on dating and marriage. All in one book! I loved reading it. It was a fast read, despite the size, yikes! The stories, the education about pop culture, porn, sex robots, M.G.T.O.W., and where women are going if they don’t watch out, what to do/not do when dating, who to date, who not to date, and tips on getting married and helping to get that guy off the fence if you’ve been dating a guy for more than a year or two and want him to propose to you. Wow! What ISN’T in this book. Watch Out Ladies is truly a book for the times. Every young woman who wants to avoid getting their heart strung along the dating highway of life needs this book!” ~ Jen S., Hollywood TV Producer, Southern California

“What struck such a strong cord with me about Watch Out Ladies, was in the way Bart described in detail, ‘if you do X, you’re going to wind up being an EX!’ Having read through the book, I look back on my life and say to myself, ‘Where was this book when I was in my early/mid 20’s? Where was someone to tell me what to watch out for so I wouldn’t end up where I am today?” There was no one.” ~ L. Simmons, Single Mom, Long Beach, California

Surely, you can tell just by looking over the table of contents that WATCH OUT LADIES covers a lot of material that is quite sensitive, controversial, thought-provoking/reflecting, and real to the core as it relates to a woman’s past (and current) experiences with men and dating. Many of these experiences and topics mentioned remind her of the consequences she (or other women) may have faced based on the decisions she made when it comes to either choosing love/marriage early on (mid/late 20’s) or postponing it (into her 30’s/40’s/50’s), and instead choosing to go through men like she had forever to pick one and settle down. As a woman, if you’re reading this, how is your love life going? Great? Not so great? In the dumps? Been single for how long? Rebooting? Ready to get back out there? Could use a miracle or help from above at this juncture?

What can women do to find love in this world? They’re so quick to say, “Where have all the good men gone?” Honestly speaking, didn’t several approach you during your 20’s? Why didn’t you pick one and just made it work? Sure, women just don’t want to settle for just any man, but if they new the pickings would get slimmer with age, don’t you think they would have made the best with what was around them at the time? (NOTE: I go into why there is no perfect man out there (or woman) and that it really takes two people to work together to form the perfect _____.) Are women just not warned by other women, such as, friends/moms/etc., about the ever-shrinking pool of eligible men as they get older? The answer to that question and so many more are all inside WATCH OUT LADIES.

What can men do? Are they part of the problem or part of the solution? Can men help women today find the love/romance/marriage they’re looking for? Maybe; maybe not. Traditional roles of our past and women who showed more feminine qualities (and not so masculine, like they are today) helped men and women pair up (with a ring) in huge numbers way back when. Today though, the numbers are on what appears to be an irreversible downward trend. Is it fair to say that if this trend doesn’t stop in the next 10-15 years, greater than 50% of the population will remain SINGLE until they die? YIKES!

With the help of this book, the need for women to look inward and perform a serious self-assessment (or WATCH OUT) is more important today than ever before. How did so many women get to be so lonely throughout their years past 30? Why is this happening to them? Despite all the female advancements in education, career, income, empowerment, “I am strong, hear me roar,” “I’m independent”, and all that talk only winds up to be nothing more than hot air when they hit the pillow every night … ALONE! As the phrase says at the top of the front cover of WATCH OUT LADIES, “Empowerment won’t protect you from heartache or loneliness.” Pillow talk isn’t with a man for several years of your single life going forward, but instead it will be with your cell phone, a cat or a dog. Going out with your girlfriends soon gets old and boring. Women actually want to stay home, but … there’s no one there to carry on a nice conversation over a warm home cooked meal. Instead, it’s cook for yourself, be by yourself, be alone, be single, strong and independently empowered. Yeah, a lot of good that self-talk did for your love life, eh?

Add to all that, the social engineering and brainwashing of women’s minds today (and for the past 50 years) by the media, pop culture, organizations with hidden agendas, and even departments in our own schools and government are all doing women a tremendous disservice. Practically everything a woman is told today about how she should act or how a man should act is backfiring on her HEART! Try to bring this to her attention or make her question such mind control tactics and watch her rebel, get upset, bully or demean you with rage. Hmm, that’s someone who’s not in control of her mind. No calm discussion of the facts, history or lessons learned from generations past. Just hostility towards anyone challenging the status quo, which by the way never serves her heart’s longing to be loved and in love.

Millions of women around the globe are winding up lonely in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s and with out a man. I know, “Women need a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” Really? Men are responsible for virtually every invention around you, the buildings you work in, the homes you live in, the transportation built to bring you from one place to another, the products you buy, the clothing/shoes you wear, and the protection you need when either your home, body or country is threatened. Sure, there are millions of women who work in those industries, just as well as men, but which gender created such inventions or perform all the heavy lifting to make sure things get done?

WATCH OUT LADIES is definitely a book that should be read by women of all ages, even as young as 12-14. Young girls entering high school should be forewarned about how they act, think and the decisions they make when it comes to boys, dating them, having SEX with them, and more. Everything they say and/or do will have either positive or negative consequences that can haunt them for the rest of their lives. Take for example, CHAPTER #3: Pregnant, Unmarried & With The Wrong Guy (Now what?).

Just imagine if your 17 year old daughter got pregnant by a boy in school who you hoped she would have dumped, but didn’t and now guess what? Your family and his will be connected FOREVER! Whoa, why didn’t she know to WATCH OUT? Decisions have consequences. Those consequences have a lifetime of influence on you and those around you, for good or for worse. It takes little time or effort to prevent a mistake from happening if you’re told to WATCH OUT beforehand. Otherwise, women can plan on spending months, years, even decades, to get past a bad decision they made in the moment and with whomever they were with. As they say, “A moment’s pleasure can lead to a lifetime of regret!”What about men, are they off the hook? Should they watch out? You bet. They should watch out for women who do not read this book and adhere to what’s advised inside. If every man read this book first before ever dating a women, they too would be able to help women WATCH OUT for all the pitfalls and backlashes of being in relationships that don’t always wind up so well (for either men/women).

WATCH OUT LADIES helps to inform, educate, and enlighten women about LIFE and their love lives and the decisions they make along with the consequences they can experience and avoid. This book also helps men understand the concerns women have and how they will be making (positive) changes in their lives. Why is this important? Because, for starters, we’re all in this together. Men and women need each other more today than ever before; not so much for the financial support, per se, but emotional and “being in a relationship” type of benefits that go along when men and women bond together for a long period of time. What’s more, and this is political as it relates to the survival of our country, but men and women are not making babies! The drop in U.S. births is at its lowest level since 1920.

This is not good, folks. What’s more, nature did not intend for man (or woman) to be alone, especially for so many of them living in the same town right next door to each other. WATCH OUT LADIES also does a kind job at putting men on notice as to how they should treat a woman and/or behave so that women don’t experience much of what is mentioned inside the book (i.e., and it isn’t good). It’s a crazy world out there. A book like WATCH OUT LADIES had to be written so that men and women might have valid, logical reasons why they need to get back together again and how to sustain that togetherness with mutual respect, understanding and compassion for each other and the roles they play as man and woman.

Another interesting accomplishment of this book that men will appreciate is that men are given the recognition and respect they need and deserve in ways not many books, websites, online articles/commentary, and liberal hosts/guests on TV/radio shows neglect to show men. Funny how some women and anti-male/female-aligned groups loath anything that gives men respect or appreciation. Why is that do you think? If men want to appreciate women and do things (romantically) with and for them, why all the hostility towards men? WATCH OUT LADIES discusses how men today are treated so poorly by women in our schools (all grades/levels), on TV (on shows/in commercials), throughout the media/news channels, and by governments around the globe. It’s not a healthy environment for men these days. Ill treatment towards men (and boys) is at an all-time high. So, what’s happening in the manosphere, where men hang out and discuss matters related to them and their relationship needs? Men are not taking it anymore. Men are sick of it and they’re choosing to say, “enough is enough,” and simply going their own way (M.G.T.O.W.). WATCH OUT LADIES goes into this movement in great detail. While some groups and people out there want to shame those men who go M.G.T.O.W., their words fall on deaf ears. Everyone’s entitled to do whatever they want when it comes to their own happiness, financial stability, and a lifelong pursuit of happiness. Well, as a result of how men are being treated these days by women, female-sided judicial divorce court systems, and the establishment of anti-male propaganda, it’s women who are winding up the losers in this battle of minds/hearts. When men go their own way and choose to have nothing to do with women, that leaves women … alone and on their own to be those independent, empowered, feminists they’ve been told they can be. Well? How’s that going for you? Got any plans Friday night besides hanging out with … your cat?

I could go on and on about what’s inside WATCH OUT LADIES and what it means to men and women to read this one-of-a-kind book. You’ll just have to read it for yourself to come to your own conclusions, hopefully good ones, all based on what’s inside the book. This is the kind of book that really has the utmost potential to bring both men and women back together again and … against all odds! If not, women have been warned, WATCH OUT, because men are leaving you to be strong, independent and empowered all by yourself and on your own, alone, single, and without love and companionship throughout the rest of your lives. Is that what you want? To be alone or to be loved by someone (a man) who’s life is really dedicated to supporting you, being there for you, living his life for you among other notable traits that make men who they are for the women they love. Imagine, women get all of that and all men want is? A little appreciation, a little care, some nice things done for them and bam, they’re back out into that crazy world to bring home what they can to keep you … happy! In the end, it’s your call to help change this dangerous trend. At this point, you’ve been warned … to WATCH OUT!



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