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My staff and I are here to help you. First, peruse the FAQ’s below to see if we can answer your question right now. If not, contact my office and we’ll be glad to assist. Please include your membership username and what it is you’d like assistance with and we’re on it! Response time is typically one business day.

As often as I can! Depending on what I come across that I feel is of absolute value to you and helps you with what’s already inside, then I’ll add it and notify you via eMail with such updates.

You can update your eMail address anytime by visiting the EDIT PROFILE page.

You can change your password anytime by visiting the EDIT PROFILE page.

If your purchase was a single, one-time payment transaction, then there is no need to cancel.  🙂 If you purchased a monthly subscription, where you are billed each month, then you will contact your payment provider to cancel that payment. Simply log into your payment provider (such as, locate the subscription payment in your account, then click the CANCEL subscription payments link and you should be good to go. If you have other questions regarding this, please contact my office. We’ll hop right on it for you!

There is no need. For the most part, purchases made at are single, one-time purchases. So, there’s no need to update your billing information. Should you have further questions regarding this, please contact my office.

For private coaching, simply contact my office. From there, we can discuss what you need coaching with and we’ll take it from there. I look forward to hearing from you.

There is, but it’s private and on a qualification basis. That is, let’s talk! Do you have a list? Do you have marketing ideas for sharing with the world? Share with me and let’s see! I’m pretty open to it, but all affiliate campaigns are closely maintained, run and for the benefit of us both!

If your question is not answered above, please contact my office. We’ll take care of you.