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Start talking to BART to help free yourself from the “Relationship B.S.” you might be experiencing right now!

(i.e., loneliness, breakup, heartache, insecurities, cheated on/cheating, divorce/separation, getting back out there, no sex, bad sex, you name it …)

Relationship Coaching That Works

If you’re suffering from some kind of “Relationship B.S.”, as described above (i.e., getting over a breakup, heartache, loneliness, divorce/separation, cheating/cheated on, etc.) and you’d like to talk to someone, Bart Smith is your go-to person for whatever troubles you in your relationship world. With Bart, you get someone who cares about your situation and can help you overcome the challenging “relationship B.S.” you might be experiencing with amazing, spot-on advice.

When you coach with Bart, you get direct access to him so you can begin discussing your situation immediately. Bart provides real, actionable advice (with tons of support and validation with what he says) that when heard you’ll be amazed at how solid and doable what he says is and just what you need to hear. Everything is personalized to your situation. Specifically, what do you need help with? To start coaching with Bart, pick your coaching package and follow the steps required to start talking to Bart.

How It Works

Get connected with Bart quickly so you can start seeing progress in your relationship sooner than later.

1. Free Consultation

Talk to Bart about what’s going on in your relationship. From that one call, you could be on the path to better days ahead, relief, clarity and more confidence in what to do.

2. Live Coaching

Get professional coaching with Bart about your relationship. This is done either on the phone, over the Internet (Skype/Zoom) or live in person. Which do you prefer?

3. Ongoing Support

Come back to Bart whenever you need feedback on something new happening in your relationship. Things pop up from time to time. If you need to come back, do so.


FORMAT: Coaching sessions typically last an hour, some 2 hours, on a single telephone call. Typically, coaching packages contain three separate phone call sessions set up at times/dates that are good for you and me. Ongoing or multiple coaching sessions can be purchased at a discount. Ask me about that if you’re interested in continuing our coaching relationship over several weeks or months.

GET STARTED: (#1) Are you single? In a relationship? Simply choose from the various coaching session packages below that best suits your current situation. After you’ve chosen one, (#2) contact me online with your interest in working with me and the coaching package you’re interested in. From there, (#3) we’ll have a no-obligation, free 15-minute telephone consultation to see if I can help you and how we can get started.

BEFORE YOUR FREE SESSION: I’d ask that you give me as much detail as possible ahead of time about what you need my assistance with, using this COACHING CLIENT FORM, so our first communication gets off on the right start and we make the most of that free period of time. Once I receive your initial coaching client form information via eMail, I will respond to you with some times/dates for us to have your complimentary session.

From there, we can talk about fees and coaching sessions (time/duration/amount). In advance, thank you, and I look forward to meeting you.

Bart Smith, Author/Coach
Find The One For Me
251+ Dating & Relationship Regrets
Laws Of The Bedroom
Watch Out Ladies
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B.S. The Book
… and many more!

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“Bart has an amazing understanding of what true love is and what is needed to have a great relationship. When I first went to Bart, I had so many issues on my mind with regard to my relationship with my fiancée; physical, religious and very low self-esteem. I was actually working with a life coach for 8 months when that coach decided she couldn’t help me and referred me to Bart. We first worked with my self-confidence and then we moved on to how to improve the love life I was about to have with my fiancée. I was so nervous, until I spent time talking to Bart. Bart really has an awesome respect for people. He really knows what he’s talking about! You will NOT be dissapointed if you coach with Bart. He has a wealth of life knowledge and insight into the heart and human psyche unlike anyone I’ve ever met. Go see Bart, if you’re having trouble in any area of your life/relationships.”
– Andy J., Florida


Help Improve My Online Dating Profile, Bart!

(“Bart, I think my online dating profile on certain dating app/website(s) could use your amazing author talents!” CONTACT ME to get started! / PURCHASE this service!)
Besides your photo and the short list of preferences everyone provides to help filter potential candidates in or out of the online mating process, your profile’s bio is another major section of influence to spend serious time on. What you say or don’t say and how you say it can easily boost higher levels of interest and intrigue as to who you are and what you might be like as a potential soul mate to those looking at your profile. The problem is, most people aren’t that great at writing — about themselves! Even famous authors and copywriters have other people help them with their own bios, because writing about ourselves really doesn’t come that easy for some reason. Best to have someone else (help us) write about ourselves!

Well, since interviewing and writing come so natural to me, why not allow me to use those amazing skills to extract a far better “inner-view” of you for the world to see, read and consume. Within 24 hours, you’ll have a brand new profile to post on any number of dating apps and websites you have a profile on. What’s an example of my working with you? Well, imagine your typical bio is about a paragraph long. Uh, well, that won’t cut it. Sorry. So, what I do is I’ll interview you, plus you’ll answer a number of questions on your own time that I’ll have prepared for you to answer, and el bammo — I’ll take all that data and whip up the most amazing super attractive bio about you that will hopefully sell your heart to the next qualified buyer (i.e., the one for you) with ease and magnetism. Quick side note, I took a simple 1-3 paragraph bio on myself, elaborated on it (until it was almost 2 pages long) and in 1 day, I went from 10 inquires a day on a particular dating website to about 50-100. To date, I have over 3,000 women wanting to meet me based on what I wrote in my bio. THAT’S what I’m talking about. A well-written bio can really pull people out of the woodwork. What’s more, it gives them conversational ammunition to strike up a conversation with you. (e.g., “Wow, I didn’t know you had x-experience? Me too. We should totally talk about xyz, as mentioned in your bio. Look forward to hearing from you.”)

Before someone even reaches out to talk to you online/offline, just imagine having this amazing profile bio to educate your prospects about you so you don’t have to? What’s more, what I’ll write about you will help generate a lot of interest and conversation topics to immediately start any first date off with a bang! To me, it’s about conveying as much “well-written” information about you as possible so your heart’s prospect can potentially see you as someone in their life just as you would like to read about someone to see how they’d fit in yours too! I help you accomplish this so your profile can sell you, all too well, night and day until you score the perfect soul mate! Contact me if you’re interested in this service of mine. I really look forward to working with you. I can’t wait to see your new profile bio rockin’ out there on all your favorite dating apps/websites!


Where Have All The Good Men & Women Gone? Bart, Is There One For Me Out There?

(“Bart, am I looking, but not seeing? Where are all the quality prospects hiding? Help me find the one for me!” … CONTACT ME to get started! / PRE-PAY to coach with Bart!)
Ladies and gentlemen, this package is dedicated and directed at both genders, yet separately. That is, ladies, I’m sure you say to yourself often, “Where have all the good men gone?” While the men say, “Where have all the kind/sweet women gone?” Truth is, they are all around us. The problem is you just don’t know where they are. They don’t necessarily go to bars or clubs, they have a steady job that keeps them pretty busy (working), and so their social life (since becoming an adult) has really taken a hit. So, if you’re a guy or a gal and question if there are qualified prospects out there, contact me. Let’s discuss why you might not be getting in front of your qualified dating prospects and what can be done about it. Trust me, if just 100 people who shared these sentiments contacted me, wow, I’d be able to make 5-10 referrals to everyone one of those 100 people also looking for a really great gal/guy to walk through life with. 

Time To Get Over Him / Her & Move On!

(“Help me get over my last breakup, Bart. I’m down in the dumps! I want to move on …” … CONTACT ME to get started! / PRE-PAY to coach with Bart!)
Need help getting over your last breakup? Perhaps you dated someone or were married to someone fabulous and you lost them, whether it be to death, divorce, or some other factor. Life doesn’t have to end. There is life after all relationships. In fact, it could be the beginning of a whole new you. What’s the saying, “one door closes, another door opens?” What’s more, there are so many new people out there who are in the same shoes you are who would love to meet you. It’s time to open a new chapter in your life, don’t you think? You just have to make room for someone new to walk into your life. Further, it wasn’t so much the person you were in love with, but the energy, good times and attention they gave you. Millions of people are capable of giving you those same things. Let’s help you find them by helping you to move on!

Get Me Out There … I Want To Date Again!

(“Bart, I’m ready/dying to be in a relationship again. Can you help me … get out there, again?” … CONTACT ME to get started! / PRE-PAY to coach with Bart!)
Are you ready to get back into the dating world? Don’t know where to start? Afraid to start? Trouble meeting the right guy/gal? Maybe I can help. There are several factors to look into, evaluate and consider when it comes to you getting back out there! Let’s look at them all, assess them, plan your dating scene attack, and … TAKE ACTION!

Tell Him/Her (For Me) That I Like Him/Her!

(“I’ve got a crush on someone, but I’m too shy to tell them about my feelings. Help me, Bart.” … CONTACT ME to get started! / PRE-PAY to coach with Bart!)
Do you know someone you have “the hots” for, but are a little shy to share your true feelings for them? Sometimes, what you need is someone to put a good word in for you, right? Let them do the ice-breaking for you so you can slide in with a warm welcome already created for you. Hey, you’ve got nothing to lose, right? Does this person at least know who you are? Hopefully, they do. Let’s discuss. You know, in high school, it was so easy for a friend to walk up to someone you were interested in getting to know (to date, hopefully) and say, “Hey, my friend over there would like to come over and talk with you. Is that okay? I think he/she likes you and you should meet him/her. Can I tell him it’s okay to come over and I’ll let you two get better acquainted? I promise he/she will be on his/her best behavior.” You’d be surprised how a personal recommendation or helpful introduction like that could help accelerate the “getting to know you” process in a positive way in your direcion. Contact me if this service interests you.

Tell Him/Her (For Me) To Just … Go Away!

(“Bart, I’ve got an annoying/bothersome/stalking ex-b/g-friend who won’t go away. Help me!” … CONTACT ME to get started! / PRE-PAY to coach with Bart!)
Are you in a situation where your ex boy/girlfriend, or some other person, wants to talk to you, keeps calling/eMailing/texting you, but you don’t want to talk to them, and they just keep trying to contact you? Well, that needs to end. What you need is for me to call them to get rid of them, in a nice way, of course. I do this in a professional manner that either they really appreciate my calling them or they react with negative outbursts (because they are crazy; a good reason for you not to want to hear from them), which is only a sign why you didn’t want them in your life in the first place. What you need is someone else (besides you) to call them and give them that message. A guy, specifically, with a gentle, caring, sweet, yet, authoritative voice like mine. I’ve done this in the past with many women who didn’t want some guy they used to date (or turned down) calling them anymore. I told these guys the rules of being a man and how they’re violating that manhood rule. They soon went away. Some said, “Thank you, Bart, for calling me and letting me know. Give her my best. I’ll move on. I’d like to get your book …” When I perform this service, there’s a 99.9% chance you’ll never hear from this other person ever again. Again, my calls (to this person) are professional, courtesy calls on your behalf from a guy (who’s your friend=ME) that has greater impact than the 40th try when you say, “Please, I’ve asked you … don’t call me.” Let me have a go at it, shall we?

What’s Wrong With Me? Help Me To See A Better Me, Bart!
(“Why do I feel this way about myself, Bart? Let’s discuss, and help me to overcome!” … CONTACT ME to get started! PRE-PAY to coach with Bart!)
Do you say that to yourself from time to time? “Why don’t I get looked at, asked out, invited to parties … what’s wrong with me?” Well, let’s find out. Nothing helps this type of situation more than a professional outsider’s point of view who can offer you amazing “constructive suggestions” to help better your mindset, improve what needs improving, and more, so you can get seen, asked out and more! When do you want to start coaching with me?

Why Do They Leave Me? Help Me Find The Cause, Bart!
(“Bart, it seems every guy/gal I go out with leaves me! I never do the leaving or the dumping, why?” … CONTACT ME to get started!PRE-PAY to coach with Bart!)
How many dates have you been on or relationships have you been in and those you dated left you or always leave you … behind, single again? Are the stats on the side of them leaving you versus you leaving them? What are you doing that might be pushing them out of your life rather than closer to you? Let’s find out. Honest critique, constructive suggestions and inward reflective analysis will give us the answers you need to hear and work on.

I’m Lonely & Want To Talk To Someone! Can We Talk, Bart?
(“I’m the loneliest guy/gal in town, Bart. I haven’t been on a date in, like, forever! How can I break out of being lonely into meeting the one for me?” … CONTACT ME to get started!PRE-PAY to coach with Bart!)
In these sessions, we talk, find out why you feel so lonely, what we can do about it, and how we can change your status of “lonely/alone” to “together/with someone!” Sound good? Contact me.

Ladies: Never Had A Boyfriend/Husband & I’m Worried I Never Will
(“I’ve had (never have had) a boyfriend/husband and I want one, but I’m not sure I’ll find one or maybe it’s me or I just don’t know. Bart, can we talk!” … CONTACT ME to get started! PRE-PAY to coach with Bart!)
Many women today feel they may never find a boyfriend or a husband who will marry them, love them, hold their hand, create a family with them, hold them when they need to be held, offer a shoulder to lean on or even cry on. Hey, we all need that once in a while, right? Sure we do! Ladies, does this sound a little bit like you? Then, let’s talk. We’ll go into so many aspects of your life that might be preventing you from attracting, meeting and getting involved with the right guy for you. Through several hours of discussion, the outcome of our talks just might instill in you a new and amazing level of hope, confidence and relief that you will find the one for you. He is out there! Let’s get started today, so tomorrow you can be that much closer to attracting love into your life! Contact me for a free 15-minute coaching session to see if I can help you. Maybe I can.

Guys: Never Had A Girlfriend/Wife & I’m Worried I Never Will 
(“I’ve had (never have had) a girlfriend/wife and I want one, but I’m not sure I’ll find one in today’s climate of dating or maybe it’s me or I just don’t know. Bart, can we talk!” … CONTACT ME to get started! PRE-PAY to coach with Bart!)
Guys, is this you? Have you been turned down, rejected or maybe you don’t socialize well with women? Let’s talk. It isn’t you 100% of the time. It could be the circles you socialize in or don’t or maybe something else. We’ll have to get to the bottom of it to find out. After our discussions, I know you’ll be more confident in finding the one for you because she is out there. Women are lonely too. They also want someone in their life. There is hope. Let’s talk. Contact me for a free 15-minute coaching session to see if I can help you. Maybe I can.

Been Burned, Afraid To Date/Marry Again … Bart, Help!
(“Yep, that’s me! I’ve been burned in past relationships. I have had bad dealings with dating/marriage and I don’t know if I can commit again. I’m either afraid, overly-cautious,  both … I don’t know. Bart, let’s talk because I want to fall in love again. I want someone in my life. I don’t want to live alone for the rest of my life. Yikes!” … CONTACT ME to get started! PRE-PAY to coach with Bart!)
Millions of men and women probably fall into this category just as much as those who have never been in love and are looking to find the one for them. In our discussions, we’ll talk about your past, we’ll talk about your present, and we’ll talk about .. yes, your future. All is not lost. There is hope and love in this world. Contact me for a free 15-minute coaching session to see if I can help you. Maybe I can.

Open/Any Topic Coaching Session
(“Bart, I’ve got something I want to talk to you about that you haven’t mentioned on this page.” … CONTACT ME to get started!PRE-PAY to coach with Bart!)
What would YOU like to talk to me about? Is there something going on inside your heart or mind that I haven’t described here on this coaching page that better identifies with your current relationship situation? Contact me for a free 15-minute coaching session to see if I can help you. Maybe I can.


I’m In A Sexless Relationship, Bart & I’m Not Happy (Please Help)
CONTACT ME to get started! / PRE-PAY to coach with Bart!
Over time, it’s not uncommon for couples to not have as much sex as they once did when they were first in love, newlyweds, makin’ babies, you name it. How do you get the luster back for each other? It’s possible. First, we have to diagnose your hearts, minds, bodies and all the rest to find out how we can kick start the flame of passion in the two of you all over again.

We Fight All The Time, Bart (Help Us)
CONTACT ME to get started! / PRE-PAY to coach with Bart!
For those couples who started out living in harmony only to find themselves arguing all the time, perhaps you (both) need to talk to someone about the issues you fight over. A mediator, such as me, to help put the kind of perspective on the table so you both can begin to start to minimize the arguing and get to living in harmony once again. If this sounds like something the two of you need, someone to talk to, try me. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how fast we can work things out between you two.

Help Me Get Out Of My Current “Dead-End / Going Nowhere” Relationship
(“I feel trapped, Bart. I’ve tried thinking of ways to get out, but I’m stumped!” CONTACT ME to get started! / PRE-PAY to coach with Bart!)
Are you in a relationship you don’t want to be in or don’t know how to get out of? Depending on how long you’ve been in this relationship, can determine how difficult it will be to get out. Nonetheless, I’ve got a ton of great ideas for you when it comes to what to say, think, do and not say, not think and not do. Let’s plan your “great escape” together. It could be easier than you think when you have a strategist like me helping you think outside the box and on your side. We’ll put all the facts on the table and together plan your escape with careful thought and precision! I’d like to think, you’ll be outta there before you know it. Hurray, in advance, you’re gone. Freedom is right around the corner! You just have to walk through that door with our plan.

Help Me Save What I’ve Got, Bart!
CONTACT ME to get started! / PRE-PAY to coach with Bart!
Maybe you love the relationship you’re in and the one you’re with, but it’s about to hit the rocks and who knows where that might go! You want to save it, but don’t know how. There are factors you think that are beyond your control because you’ve tried saving the relationship more than once. Perhaps, the other party doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you anymore. How do we save such a relationship if you think it is worth saving? Whether you’re just dating or married, we can try to save what you believe could be the love of your life. Contact me so we can discuss this over the phone.

Help Me Get Through/Over This Divorce/Separation
CONTACT ME to get started! / PRE-PAY to coach with Bart!
Divorce and separation are very tough to get through no matter if you’re the one leaving or someone’s wanting to leave you. I’ve had major success in helping those going through divorce to the point where they had, not only a friend by their side to talk to when times got really tough, but also to strategize with on how to navigate the muddy waters of going through divorce/separation. You’d be surprised at the angles, perspectives and tactics we’ll deploy on your part, whether they be mental tactics, heightened perspectives, conversational tactics with your soon-to-be ex, what to do, not do, what to say, not say and so much more. I’m way beyond thorough, and think of most everything. You could use this type of clarity while you try to stay afloat the choppy waters of divorce/separation. Trust me, you won’t get this type of advice and consultation with most other professional out there. Why so? Because many are not that creative enough or insightful enough to give you the kind of advice that covers multiple aspects of what you’re going through. They’re linear, single-topic focused, and many times don’t think outside their own trained box. You be the judge. Contact me for a free coaching session.


I’ve Never Been Romanced! What’s It Like?
CONTACT ME to get started! / PRE-PAY to coach with Bart!
This package is mostly for women who have “never been romanced” or who have never been in a romantic relationship before. You might be in a relationship now devoid of romance all together. Past (or present) relationships that were/are mostly based on the physical or nothing at all. What’s missing is the essence of what a relationship is all about (i.e., romance on all levels). It starts off romantically, or should, and stays that way throughout, which it should. We’ll discuss what to look for in a romantic relationship and what it means and what it’s like to be romanced right off your feet. Guys, if you hear from your gal that you’re not romantic enough or want to learn how to be more romantic for her sake, then these coaching sessions are for you too.

He / She Cheated On Me (What Do I Do?)
CONTACT ME to get started! / PRE-PAY to coach with Bart!
“I (or someone I’m dating/married to) cheated. What do I do? I’m scared/upset and want to talk to someone, but I don’t know who.” First, know you can talk to me about this very sensitive and struggling subject matter. You’ll be amazed at what will come from our conversation(s). I’ve had men and women come to me, or who were referred to me after no one else could help them, who shared their stores of cheating or being cheated on by their husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. I’ve heard it from all corners. What’s your situation? My phone calls and email correspondence with past clients always resulted in, “Thank you, Bart. How you’ve helped me see things and/or resolved this matter with your spot on, precision advice was more than comforting. I could have never reached this point of resolve in this crises like you’ve helped me to reach. I’ve tried friends, therapists, counselors and coaches. No one could help me, let alone, nail it so sharply as you did from so many perspectives to ponder. I know what to say to my other half on this matter and I know your advice will help us both heal from this faster than anyone could have ever helped. Thank you. You’ve saved me time, money, heartache and told me what to do with, again, surgical precision.” Contact me about this package if this fits your situation.

Sex Issues I Need Help With
CONTACT ME to get started! / PRE-PAY to coach with Bart!
Whether you’re single, dating or in a relationship/married, many people from time to time come to experience issues and situations where they don’t feel sexy, can’t perform (due to mental/emotional/physical/health or other stressors and triggers), or they just need someone to talk about matters where sex is concerned. If this describes you, then why not consider coaching with me. Who else are you going to turn to? There are many factors to consider and work on to help get you back to your sexy, functioning, rock ‘n’ roll performing self! Let’s give it a go!

Orgasms: Insight To Climaxing Multiple Times (For Her) With & Without Intercourse
CONTACT ME to get started! / PRE-PAY to coach with Bart!
The stats on this are sad to say the least, which is, about 75 percent of all women have never reached orgasm from intercourse, and yet another 15 to 25% never climax under any circumstance whatsoever. Ladies, this trend has got to stop. Don’t let this be you. You’re missing out on so much. Orgasms, for starters, are huge factors when it comes to helping you relieve stress and help you with daily tasks and life with a smile on your face ten miles wide! You want that, don’t you? Question: What’s been your orgasmic experience(s)? Good, bad, never? Then, you should talk to me. In my book, Laws Of The Bedroom, I go over exactly how a woman should climax and achieve multiple, deep, rich orgasms every time her clothes come off or not. All women should experience at least 1-10 orgasms every month of their life! A few simple telephone coaching calls with me can give you all the information, insight and wisdom you need to experience what I speak of in that book and soon in your own bedroom. Guys, reading this, if you’d like to know about this type of bedroom wisdom, you’re free to coach with me on this as well. Couples are also welcomed to join in on these coaching session calls too. These sessions aren’t just for the ladies, alone. It’s a must, guys (and couples) know how to take their lady over the (orgasmic) mountain of ecstasy from time to time, any time, and with natural application. 

Loneliness Be Gone / Hello Relationship
CONTACT ME to get started! / PRE-PAY to coach with Bart!
Tired of living life … alone? When was your last relationship? Have you ever been in one? Ready to be in one? What’s holding you back? What’s stopping you from meeting other qualified, potential soul mates? Have you tried online dating? How’d that work out? How about socializing offline? How’s that working out? What do you think is keeping prospects away, if that’s the case? Let’s find out together and resolve what’s causing this love drought, so you can get up, get out and meet someone new to potentially walk through life with. Man (and woman) wasn’t made to be alone. We were made to find someone, fall in love, complement each other, and enjoy life together … in love.

Lethal Confidence (“Share Some, Bart”)
CONTACT ME to get started! / PRE-PAY to coach with Bart!
Do you get nervous, tongue-tied or wish you had more confidence in social settings? Maybe I can help. Perhaps, we can find the root cause(s) for your confidence issues, resolve them and set you on a course of life and living it with … more confidence. Call me to get started!

Fitness/Weight-Loss Issues
CONTACT ME to get started! / PRE-PAY to coach with Bart!
How do you feel about your weight? Are you in the shape you’d like to be in? What’s your diet and/or workout routine like? Perhaps I can help. What’s involved is an audit of your meals, beverages, when you eat, how much and what you eat; as well as, your workout routine if you have one. Losing weight, and maintaining a healthy body, is more of a lifestyle than some sequence of diet tricks of the trade. I’ll share with you so many healthy eating habits, what to eat/drink, what not to eat/drink, … all so you’re on your way to looking and feeling your best in days, weeks and months ahead. There’s no better time to start looking your best than … right now! Let’s get started!

Relationship, Sex & Dating Coaching with Bart Smith

“I was referred to Bart because the last three life coaches couldn’t help me resolve the anger and confusion I felt after finding out my wife was cheating on me with a younger man who worked for me. I remember talking to him for hours on one single phone call that set me straight and gave me all the words, direction and tact I needed to keep our relationship together without just throwing it out to the curb. Bart’s amazing skill to listen to all the details, asking all the right questions, then helping me to put all things in perspective with multiple choices for me to choose if I wanted to take my relationship in any direction. Bart is one amazing coach on these subjects. Again, no other life coach, therapist or friend could have advised me better than how Bart handled it. Oh, I also called him way early in the morning (his time) because I couldn’t wait to talk to him. He took my call and we were on the call almost all day it seemed. I’ll never forget that call for the rest of my life. Just to let you know, I stayed with my wife and was able to tell her how we could work things out so we wouldn’t upset our family and we could both heal from this and work towards improving our relationship from here on. Thank you, Bart, sincerely.” – Steve E., Arizona

“I am a current therapist, have been one for 15+ years, and was going through a very depressing divorce when I met Bart. He (my husband at the time) chose to leave me. When Bart offered to coach me through what I was going through I didn’t know what I was in store for. I mean, I’m a trained therapist with numerous friends who are also therapists who I could have gone to. Why do I bring this up? Because none of them could help me with what I was going through. Go figure. My own colleagues in my industry couldn’t help me one iota with my feelings, thoughts and strategies on how best to overcome this devastating time in my life. Some how, in Bart’s infinite wisdom and approach to life, dealing with it, getting through it and so much more, he was able to not only get me over this daunting breakup, but also look at life with a new outlook with total optimism. We spent hours on the phone each week for 3 weeks straight. Each session left me with homework, things to work on, things to remember to say, not say and do that it was utterly amazing to see his advice take real action in my life. Nothing like going to see a professional therapist and all they do is respond with what the client says right back at them. That gets you no where. It’s also worth mentioning that Bart got me off of some of the depression medication I was taking. Don’t know how, but it just happened and naturally. It was a few weeks after our 3-week session when I forgot to take them that I realized, ‘Wow, I haven’t felt the need to take my depression medication.’ THAT was a double clincher for me that Bart rocks and can help you if he can help me like he did. Again, take it from a trained therapist, Bart’s work is just as good if not better than going to your traditional contacts in the world of counseling, life coaches and even therapy. Again, Bart rocks. Go see Bart!” – Sandra S., Southern California

“I was told to call Bart by my wife who cheated on me. She knew Bart for many years and always spoke highly of him. So highly, that in this very sensitive matter, she advised I spoke to Bart before I tossed our whole relationship out in the streets. At first, I was hesitant, but she encouraged me. I think it was the advice he gave her on how she should go about telling me (admission) that she cheated on me and it was how he said it was to be done that was most interesting and above all respectful to me. I was taken aback, for sure, with curiosity to talk to Bart. So, I took her up on it and spoke to Bart 2-3x on the phone. Wow, is he a really cool guy to talk too, not to mention, he knows what he’s talking about. You can ask him just about anything and he’ll be able to address it with 1-3 specific responses/directions you can take. I liked being able to weigh my options with such depth. Thanks, Bart. Really, thanks!” – Mr. W., Illinois

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