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Motivate Yourself To Succeed

10 Steps For Achieving Anything You Want & On Your Own Terms

by Bart Smith

Get pumped, get motivated, and what’s more, maintain that momentum from start to finish with Bart’s latest book called, Motivate Yourself To Succeed.

This book was written for every one who has ever struggled to achieve genuine success in their personal life or business. You will discover that the reality of success is already yours … unless you are standing in your own way. I share a proven action plan and personal spot on tips for every step of the way.

The process identifies TEN KEY COMPONENTS that can lead you from your idea (Vision) to fruition (Victory) and beyond!


Do you see yourself wanting to accomplish a specific goal, but you don’t exactly know how to go about it? Does your motivation fizzle out all too quickly? Bart’s book, Motivate Yourself To Succeed, is all about using self-motivation to push yourself, stay the course, and win! He shares a proven action plan and personal spot on tips for achieving success on your own terms. Bart’s process identifies TEN KEY COMPONENTS that can lead you from your idea (or Vision) to fruition (and Victory) … and even beyond!

#1: ASSESS ... Your Current Situation!

#2: VISUALIZE ... What You Want To Accomplish!

#3: PLAN ... Your Success! (Work It Backwards)

#4: WORK ... Your Plan Towards Your Goal!

#5: OVERCOME ... Obstacles & Naysayers!

#6: OBSERVE ... What’s Working & What's Not?

#7: PERSIST ... You’re Almost There! Stick To It!

#8: PROGRESS ... How’s It Going? Are You Close?

#9: VICTORY ... You Did It! Congratulations!

#10: NEXT ... Now What? What’s Next?

After reading Bart’s 10 steps, you should be positively motivated, prepared and excited to take those first steps closer to your true passion. Use them to overcome the hurdles that kept you from realizing self-empowerment and personal satisfaction. Let this book be your guide to get you where you want to be, now!


Bart Smith, is the author of Motivate Yourself To Succeed: 10 Steps To Achieving What You Want & On Your Own Terms, as well as other business books, such as Rich Coach Broke Coach150+ Mistakes Coaches Make, My Networking Tactics, 51+ Networking Mistakes and several personal growth and relationship books, with titles like B.S. The Book, Laws Of The Bedroom and Find The One For Me.

Bart is also the founder of MyTrainingCenter.com, a huge online training website that teaches you about business, marketing, website design, audio recording, self-publishing, graphic design, and so much more. Possessing his own will and unstoppable drive, Bart wrote Motivate Yourself To Succeed with the hopes of sharing what works for him when it comes to achieving what he wants and on his own terms. He hopes you too can benefit from what’s inside this one-of-a-kind book on motivation and self-determination!


Q1: Pardon the pun, but what motivated you to write a book like MOTIVATE YOURSELF TO SUCCEED?

Q2: Where does motivation come from? Why do you think people lack motivation?

Q3: How can people get and stay motivated?

Q4: What motivated you to write this book?

Q5: How is the book laid out? From the table of contents, it looks quite organized. How did you come up with that order?

Q6: What’s your favorite part of the book? Can you give us some excerpts?

Q7: What should someone say to the naysayers who try to discourage someone from pursuing their passion, dreams or ambition?

Q8: Is this book in audio format? If so where can they get access to that, or the print version or online digital version?


The print, eBook/online and audio version of Motivate Yourself To Succeed: 10 Steps To Accomplishing What You Want & On Your Own Terms, can all be purchased at Bart’s website: BartSmithWorld.com


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