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My Networking Tactics

What No One Else Will Tell You: All The Tools, Tactics, Techniques & Tricks You Need To Know To Be Truly Successful At Networking!

by Bart Smith

How would you like to benefit from the networking tactics of Bart Smith, TheMarketingMan.com and founder of MyTrainingCenter.com?Inside this quick masterpiece are all of Bart’s personal networking tactics that no other book on networking goes into.

If you network with others offline, and who doesn’t, this book is a must-have! Inside I share my personal experiences, formulas, communication philosophies, acute human observation as well as his personal tips, tools, tactics, techniques and tricks (which no one else will ever tell you) in the area of networking and working with others for your benefit, both personally and financially!


Inside My Networking Tactics, Bart shares with you the “rules of the road” when it comes to networking with others! You’ll learn how to:

Get your message out to others at the right time and to the right people like a pro:

 • How to pitch yourself and your business the right way without wasting valuable time …

• How to greet people …

 • What to say to them …

 • How to get out of conversations you don’t want to be in anymore …

You’ll also get Bart’s best:

 • Personal opening lines, key questions, how to ask them …

 • Tips on remembering names …

 • When to arrive; when to leave …

 • How to specifically prepare for a networking event (what to bring; what not to bring) …

… and so much more!

You won’t find another book on networking written like “My Networking Tactics!” Don’t leave home without it!


Bart Smith, is the author of MY NETWORKING TACTICS: What No One Else Will Tell You: ALL THE TOOLS, TACTICS, TECHNIQUES & TRICKS You Need To Know To Be Truly Successful At Networking, as well a second networking book called 51+ Networking Mistakes. Bart shares his personal experiences, formulas, communication philosophies, acute human observation as well as his personal tips, tools, tactics, techniques and tricks (which no one else will ever tell you) in the area of networking and working with others for your benefit, both personally and financially!

Bart has also authored ten other books that include topics that cover business, coaching, personal development and relationships. Bart is also the founder of MyTrainingCenter.com, a huge online training website that teaches you about business, marketing, website design, audio recording, self-publishing, graphic design, and so much more.

Bart also makes the world’s best chocolate chip cookies, which he has brought along to many networking events before. He said he uses the cookies as a magnet to meet everyone at the event and make lasting impressions on people. From the looks of photographs and the smiles on people’s faces, who have had his cookies, I bet he does very well. Check out BartsCookies.com for the real deal on his cookies.


Q1: What’s your definition of “networking” compared to the traditional, dictionary definition of “networking?”

Q2: What are networking tactics and who benefits from using your personal networking tactics?

Q3: You say there are 15 benefits that come from mastering your networking tactics. Can you go into those benefits?

Q4: You say there are 10 NETWORKING COMPONENTS to your networking tactics approach, what are they?











Q5: “Prepare, Promote, Perpetuate!” You call this your secret formula. Can you elaborate?

Q6: What are some of your goals for networking? That is, when you go to an event, what do you hope to get out of it?

Q7: Should people arrive early, late and what should they do after the event, let alone during?

Q8: What do you do when you network that most people never do or don’t do enough of?

Q9: What are some tips for preparing to attend a networking event?

Q10: You co-authored another networking book called 51+ Networking Mistakes. How did that come about and how is that book different from My Networking Tactics?

Q11: When it comes to conversation? What’s a great way to start one and end one?

Q12: What should people do if they want to get out of a conversation they no longer want to be in?

Q13: What are some great tips for remembering names, and how does the ECHO EFFECT help to remember names?

Q14: What are some tips for follow-up? When should you do it? How soon? What should you do to follow-up?

Q15: Can we talk about your cookies (BartsCookies.com)? Explain this. You say you make the world’s best chocolate chip cookies. How’d that get started and how do you use cookies to network with others?


The print, eBook and audio version of Bart’s book, My Networking Tactics, can be found at his website: BartSmithWorld.com


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