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Lose Weight & Get In Shape!!!

With My Personal Weight Loss Tips & A.A.B.B. Fitness Routine To Help You Trim Down, Get Fit & Stay Healthy

by Bart Smith

I'M PROBABLY A LOT LIKE YOU! I love my sweets and I love to eat! The problem is, too many sweets and too many plates and/or not the right kind of foods or beverages and not enough exercise can lead any of us to NOT LOOKING OUR BEST! Well, not to worry, I created this health/fitness guide for you and for me! Check out what’s inside and get excited to lose weight, improve your health, get fit and scream more energy!


Bart Smith, is the author of LOSE WEIGHT & GET IN SHAPE!!! (With My Personal Weight Loss Tips & A.A.B.B. Fitness Routine To Help You Trim Down, Get Fit & Stay Healthy), as well as 20 other books that range in topics from business, marketing, networking, relationships, motivation, cooking, romance/erotica, recidivism, and now health and fitness! Talk about your renaissance man. Having spent 7 years playing football as a starting/varsity running back and a hurdler in track and  field, two-time state champion and full-ride scholarship recipient in college track and field, Bart has remained physically active when it comes to working out, staying in shape; he even wrote a cookbook of which there are tons of quick/healthy meals that he makes at home every day of the week. WOW! I'm anxious to talk to this man about health, weight-loss, fitness and gaining more energy! I bet he has plenty of it (energy) to do all that I just described. Please help me welcome ... Bart Smith!


Q1: Wow, are you really 50 years old? You don't look it! ;-)

Q2: What are your secrets to looking so young?

Q3: What's in the book? How is it laid out?

Q4: What's in the book that's different from most other books?

Q5: Why don't most people stick to diets and what's wrong with the word DIEt?

Q6: What does A.A.B.B. stand far? It refers to your workout routine, correct?

Q7: What makes you qualified to write a book like LOSE WEIGHT & GET IN SHAPE!!!?

Q8: Tell me a little bit about your sports participation in football and track. You were a state champion hurdler and a FAST, hard-hitting running back for 6 years, right?

Q9: You talk about your addiction to chocolate chips and ice cream? Tell me about that!

Q10 You say you make the world's greatest chocolate chip cookie? Tell me about that! Did you bring some?

Q11: You have a cookbook don't you? Talk about some of the recipes in this book!

Q12: Let's talk about your world famous salad. What makes it so different?

Q13: Let's talk about some of the other dishes in detail briefly.

Q14: What are some of the other dishes in your cookbook?

Q15: How do you teach someone to cook, cook more, cook better? What tips do you have?

Q16: What are your thoughts on some of these made-for-you, mailed-to-you meals on wheels?

Q17: What kind of personal challenges do you suggest people incorporate to help them lose weight and get in shape?

Q18: Do you offer personal or group coaching when it comes to losing weight?

Q19: How can people get in contact with you if they so desire?


You can learn more about Bart’s weight-loss and fitness book, which is in full-color, by the way, cooking videos and workout videos at his website: BartSmithWorld.com.


To request an interview with Bart Smith, contact Bart online through this website below. Your interview inquiry will be responded to promptly. In a hurry? Call Bart directly at (323) 510-5155 PST to set up an interview.

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