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My Checklists by Bart Smith

My Checklists by Bart SmithHow would you like My Checklists at your side to guide you from start to finish on that latest project? I know I like to use checklists to make sure I cover everything essential to accomplishing what I’m after. This book is filled with 70+ of my favorite checklists.

What’s nice about this book is that it contains so much information with how-to steps on how to do something as it relates to business, marketing, writing a book, recording audio, advertising something, setting up an affiliate program … the list goes on and on. You can check out the table of contents below in the next section to see what this one-of-a-kind book contains.

Interview Topic Introduction:

All too often, it’s not mental blocks that hold us back, but basic procedures for WHAT TO DO and WHEN TO DO IT that really prevents us from moving forward. Before I start any project, I consistently prepare a checklist. It gets me to where I want to go each and every time.

See if one of MY CHECKLISTS can help you like they help me. Check out the Table Of Contents below to see what’s inside this one-of-a-kind book of checklists!

Imagine having these checklists at your fingertips when you need to know what to do first, second, third, etc. Here’s what’s inside this one-of-a-kind book of checklists:

1. Advertising Checklist
2. Affiliate Setup Checklist
3. Advertising / Affiliate Banners Sizes Checklist
4. Ask Campaign Checklist
5. Audio Recording Checklist
6. Autoresponder Setup Checklist
7. Book Cover Design Checklist
8. Book Launch Party Checklist
9. Book Marketing Checklist
10. Book Writing Checklist
11. Business Startup Checklist
12. Business Tax Deductions Checklist
13. Coaching Business Checklist
14. Computer Training Checklist
15. Continuity Program Checklist
16. Publishing Checklist
17. Customer Care Checklist
18. Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Marketing Checklists
19. Domain Name Registration Checklist
20. Domain Name Safeguarding Checklist
21. eBook Creation Checklist
22. eMail Broadcast Checklist
23. eMail Forward Creation Checklist
24. eMail List Building Strategies & Tactics Checklist
25. eMail Mini-eCourse Checklist
26. eZine Publishing Checklist
27. Marketing Checklist
28. FTP (Uploading/Downloading Website Files) Checklist
29. Fulfillment Center (Home/Office) Checklist
30. GMail Setup Checklist
31. HTML Basics Checklist
32. Images & Graphics Checklist
33. Income Processing Checklist
34. Interview Checklist
35. Joint Venture Checklist
36. Kindle Publishing Checklist
37. Landing Page Checklist
38. Marketing Checklist
39. Member Home Page Checklist
40. Membership Website Checklist
41. My Networking Checklist
42. Opt-In Web Form Creation Checklist
43. Outsourcing Checklist (What & Where)
44. Personal Growth Checklist
45. Photography Checklist
46. Marketing Checklist
47. Podcasting (Radio Show) Checklist
48. Press Room Checklist
49. Product Creation Checklist
50. Product Launch Checklist
51. Product Web Page Checklist
52. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Checklist
53. Self-Publishing Checklist
54. Selling Online Checklist
55. Seminar/Workshop Checklist
56. Shopping Cart Checklist: Choosing The Right Shopping Cart
57. Shopping Cart Checklist: Adding a Product To Sell
58. Tele-Seminar Checklist
59. Thank You Page Checklist For Product Purchases
60. Marketing Checklist
61. Video Marketing Checklist
62. Video Recording Checklist
63. Webinar Checklist
64. Webmaster / Virtual Assistant Checklist
65. Website Building Checklist
66. WordPress Installation Checklist
67. WordPress Plugin Checklist
68. WordPress Theme Checklist
69. WordPress Security Checklist
70. WordPress Blog Setup Checklist
71. WordPress “Move Your WP Website” Checklist

Do note, these are the same checklists available here online at Only if you want all my checklists in print in nice 8.5″ x 11″ manual print form by your side at the computer would you probably buy this book. If I didn’t have these checklists memorized in my head, I’d have the book beside me, that’s for sure.

Bart’s Bio & Introduction:

Bart Smith, is the author of MY CHECKLISTS, a book that contains over 70 how-to checklists for so many things related to business, web design, writing books, recording audio, social media, marketing, getting interviews … and much more! Bart is also the founder of, a huge online training website that teaches you about business, marketing, website design, audio recording, self-publishing, graphic design, and so much more. Having a strong skill-set in technology, online marketing, shopping carts, eMail marketing and business in general, Bart saw a need for an all-in-one checklist compilation for folks to benefit from. As a result, he wrote MY CHECKLISTS book.

Interview Questions:

ow did you come up with such a long list of checklists?

  1. Where did you get the content for all these checklists?
  2. Why do you think most people don’t use checklists when they start a new project or similar type of endeavor?
  3. What checklists stand out that most people need?
  4. What would be the top 5 checklists people definitely need to know about?
  5. What’s your favorite checklist or checklists?
  6. There are 71 checklists in your book now. Do you have more checklists coming?
  7. How can people get access to all these checklists?

Book Details & Purchase Information:

People can buy the print version or access all of Bart’s checklists online in digital format (and print them too) at his website:


To schedule an interview with Bart Smith, contact Bart online through this website. Your interview inquiry will be responded to promptly. In a hurry? Call Bart directly at (323) 553-3210 PST to set up an interview.



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My Checklists by Bart Smith

My Checklists by Bart Smith (Back Cover)

My Checklists by Bart Smith (Table Of Contents)

My Checklists by Bart Smith

My Checklists by Bart Smith (Table Of Contents)

My Checklists by Bart Smith

Bart Smith, MTC Founder & Author of B.S. The Book

Bart Smith, MTC Founder
Bart Smith, MTC Founder