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How To Make Bart’s “World Famous” Pizza, Salad, Omelette, Party Smoothie, Pad Thai Dish & More

Who's Hungry? by Bart SmithI LOVE FOOD, can you tell? I love it so much I found myself making quite a few dishes, cookies and a party smoothie so often, that when I shared them with others, their response was always the same: “Amazing, so delish, orgasmic, out of this world …”

Based on those reactions, I just knew these meals of mine would be “world famous” after you introduce your taste buds to them, right?

So, what’s cooking in my kitchen? Well, if you were in my kitchen or yours and we were hungry, and of course depending on what time of day it was, I might suggest I make one of my fab meals right off of my personal menu, such as my:

• “World Famous” Omelette
• “World Famous” Salad
• “World Famous” Pizza
• “World Famous” Soup
• “World Famous” Sandwich
• “World Famous” Fried Rice
• Sautéed Sweet Potatoes
• Salmon & Steamed Veggies
• Pad Thai Noodle Dish
• Veggie Lasagna
• Tortellini & Scallops
• Crab Quiche
• Fish Tacos
• Udon Noodle Soup
• Yaki-Soba Stir-fry Seafood Noodles
• Unagi Over Rice

… and so much more! Meals you can make so fast that people joining you for lunch/dinner will say to you, “I can’t believe you whipped that up so fast!” Who's Hungry? by Bart SmithEvery Family in America and around the world, every single man/woman, every college student … anyone who likes DELICIOUS (HOME-COOKED) FOOD, anyone who wants to learn how to cook or learn a few new tricks in the kitchen or dishes to add to their current list of meals they currently make … THIS BOOK is a MUST-HAVE in your kitchen!

I’ve been cooking these meals for over 2 DECADES! They’re tried and true and the best my family, friends and strangers have ever had! WHO’S HUNGRY? is a book for pros, moms, dads, grand parents, young adults, and every kitchen newbie! It also makes the perfect gift for someone moving into a new apartment, home, dorm, … you name it!

Interview Topic Introduction:

Hey, is anybody hungry out there? Well, not to worry! My next guest just wrote an out-of-this-world, delicious looking and most savory cookbook comprised of all the dishes he makes at home, whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Folks, you should see the photography of the food and beverages in this cookbook … they are absolutely mouthwatering! Just looking through this one-of-a-kind cookbook I can honestly say to you … IT’S MAKING ME HUNGRY!

Ladies and gentlemen, please help me welcome the author of 15 books, and now a cookbook called Who’s Hungry?, a natural gourmet chef and maker of the world’s greatest chocolate chip cookies … Mr. Bart Smith.

Interview Questions:

  1. What inspired you to write a cookbook and how long did it take?
  2. You must have enjoyed making this cookbook because you got to eat all that food, right?
  3. Who took all the photographs of your meals and beverages? (Don’t tell me you did!)
  4. The book is broken down into 4 main parts: BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER and FUN STUFF. How’d you come up with that layout?
  5. Was it hard to put together? What was the hardest part?
  6. Can you tell us some funny stories about some of the meals you made for the cookbook?
  7. What’s your favorite dish in the book? Do you have a favorite?
  8. What are some dishes that really stand out to you that people should know about?
  9. What are three dishes in the cookbook that can help people lose weight and/or slim down and maintain their weight?
  10. Who is your cookbook for? Professionals, the kitchen newbie, parents, families, single men/women, young adults, college students living away from home, who?
  11. Tell me about this world famous “party smoothie!”
  12. You talk about your world famous chocolate chip cookies in your cookbook, but you don’t give the recipe, why?
  13. You have an incredible section in the back (Part 4) that talks about weight loss, losing weight, healthy eating habits and working out. You actually share your own personal workout program, called A.A.B.B. Can you tell us about this section, why it’s in there, what made you want to put it in there and what does A.A.B.B. stand for?
  14. What’s the #1 reason why people should get your cookbook?

Folks, I do have to say, Bart’s cookbook makes an excellent gift!

Book Details & Purchase Information:

You can learn more about Bart’s cookbook, Who’s Hungry?, and how to learn more about his online video cooking tutorials at his website:

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Who's Hungry? by Bart Smith

Who's Hungry? by Bart Smith