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“Respectfully, I put my mom out of business when I was 18 years old.”

BartsCookies.comI’ve been makin’ the world’s best chocolate chip cookies for more than 25 years! It all started in 1988 when I went away to college. I was living far from home and mom’s good cooking. One night, I was giving some serious thought to what I wanted for dinner when I realized I could have anything I wanted. I was in the mood for some warm chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven.

Determined to have home baked cookies, I picked up the ingredients I needed at a local grocer and baked my batch. To my surprise, they were a hit! All of a sudden, I was baking cookies for my friends, track team members, teachers, and coaches.

Fast forward a couple of years (after college) I was employed by several temporary agencies who sent me out to a number of different companies. Well, this gave me ample opportunity to attend my fair share of potluck lunches. I always baked my cookies.

Unfortunately, they never made it to the dessert table. The feedback is what inspired me to keep baking! So, here I am today, baking … just for YOU!

Truly, the #1 quality I love about my cookies is the amount of chocolate I put in them. I don’t want “just” a cookie, no. I want a “chocolate chip” cookie, with lots of chocolate. That said, check out this video depicting the amount of chocolate that goes into every cookie. When you order cookies from me, you’re getting an overflow of chocolate in every bite! Check this out!

Interview Topic Introduction:

Do we have any chocolate chip cookie lovers out there? Who doesn’t like chocolate chip cookies, right? Well, you’re in for a treat, because … I have Bart Smith, founder of and author of 13 self-help books on business, networking, coaching, relationships and personal development, who says he bakes the world’s best chocolate chip cookies. Yes, chocolate chip cookies.

He says he’s been baking them for more than 25 years. It all started back in 1988 when he went away to college. He was living far, far away from home and mom’s good cooking. Well, one night, he was giving serious thought to what he should have for dinner when he realized he could have anything he wanted. What came to mind? Home made chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven for dinner. From that very first batch, Bart has gone on to perfect, probably, the world’s best chocolate chip recipe the world has ever tasted.

Oh, he’s not alone in his thinking. He has over 300 testimonials and product reviews at his website,, where each person has their own story to tell.

The general reaction to biting into Bart’s cookies is overall amazement, or as one woman put, an orgasm in the mouth. Are they dangerously addictive? Thumbs up on that, according to families, friends, and co-workers who know from personal experience over and over. Customers have been known to eat an order of cookies in one sitting. Bart says he’s eating 30 of his own cookies in a single day. While he doesn’t recommend this behavior, he’s thrilled that his friends and customers tell him that they clearly are the best chocolate chip cookie they’ve ever had.

Bart doesn’t go anywhere without a customer, friend or acquaintance, who he might be visiting in person, greet him with statements like, “Did you bring me cookies?” Bart also gets told that their friends are always asking for more too. “When is that cookie guy coming back? I heard about them, but I’ve never had them. Will he bring some to us next time?” It’s a typical reaction wherever he goes, so he rarely shows up for appointments anymore without cookies.

Well folks, without any further discussion, please welcome my guest, Bart Smith, maker of the world’s best chocolate chip cookie!

Interview Questions:

  1. When did you start baking cookies and what got you interested in baking chocolate chip cookies?
  2. You said, after college, when you were working 9-to-5, you would bring them to company pot luck events. What was that like? How did people respond to your cookies?
  3. When you quit the 9-to-5 world and become a freelance marketing consultant, you had a unique way of getting people who owed you money to pay you. What was your trick?
  4. So what makes your chocolate chip cookies the world’s best chocolate chip cookies?
  5. What chocolate chip cookie flavors do you bake?
  6. Your cookies come in two different sizes, can you explain what a B-BITE is and a B-MO?
  7. You say your chocolate chip cookies have persuasive powers. What do you mean?
  8. Tell us about your cookies when you go to networking events. How do your cookies help you break the ice and meet new people?
  9. Do you have any funny stories about your cookies you can share?
  10. Do you bake other types of cookies, such as oatmeal cookies, sugar cookies or anything else?
  11. For someone who hasn’t had your cookies, what can they expect? Are they really orgasmic as so many in the past have compared them to?
  12. Your cookies make great gifts for special occasions. What are some ideas for giving your cookies to someone? You have a wedding story to tell, share it with us.
  13. Where can people buy your cookies? Are they available in stores or just online at your website and what is your website?
  14. What future plans do you have for your cookies? What’s next on your “cookie horizon?”

How To Purchase Bart’s Cookies:
Bart’s addictive chocolate chip cookies can be purchased online through his website. They’re baked and shipped the same day to your door. Just go to:

You can also read over 300 testimonials and product reviews of Bar’ts Cookies at:


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