Feminism B.S. by Bart Smith

Feminism BS by Bart Smith

(The Good, The Bad & The Ultra-Ugly!) + “TOXIC FEMININITY” – FEMINISM Is About CONTROL (Not Choice) & Destroys Romance, Love-lives, … It For What It Is: “Toxic” For All Humanity

Women need to spurn the label of “feminist” N.O.W. because of its radical, angry, culturally Marxian code word for a far-left movement that only seeks to undermine what their hearts truly desire … to find love and be loved in a crazy world overrun by a male-bashing media, bias family courts against fathers, male-blaming academia and hostile feminist organizations still crying “wolf” and female “victim hood,” which driving men fast and far away from the very women they’d rather love and cherish.


260+ pages of pure FEMINISM B.S.

Being the avid writer that I am and having an interest in not just writing about relationships, but politics and culture as well, I knew I had to write a book about this topic (feminism) sooner or later. It was just in the past 5-10 years or so that I saw the writing on the wall with regards to women entering their 30’s and 40’s alone, without a man (boyfriend/husband) and without children or with children and still without a husband. Yikes! NOT GOOD!

FEMINISM B.S. (The Good, The Bad & The Ultra-Ugly!) + “TOXIC FEMININITY” by Bart Smith



It would appear to me, and I KNOW I’m not alone on this one, but it seems Feminists, feminism and Western women have created a landscape of confusion, even hostility towards men, and, worse, broad atmospheres of fear that permeate throughout our culture, society and among the hearts and minds of both men and women that make both genders question … does love still exist? What about romance? Is romance dead? Kindness? All gone? courtesy? Down the drain? Gentleness? Chivalry? Out with the trash? What’s left?

Well, this book is for all men and women with the hopes that I can expose (and eradicate) third-wave feminism for what it is … B.S. Check out the TABLE OF CONTENTS for this masterpiece and if any of it piques your curiosity, order the book or read it online right here at BartSmithWorld.com.

PART #1:
Feminism (Anti-Family Agenda, Social Fraud, Cost …)

How Feminism …

  • Negatively Affects WOMEN
  • Negatively Affects MEN
  • Negatively Affects FAMILIES
  • Negatively Affects HAVING CHILDREN
  • Negatively Affects SOCIETY

Books I Recommend You Read After Feminism B.S.

PART #2:
(Random Notes, Absurdities, Hilarious Contradictions, Delusional Double Standards, Non-Conformers & Total Feminist Lunacy)

  • Absurdities
  • Blame Game / Taking Responsibility / Ownership For Her Thoughts/Words/Decisions
  • Brainwashing
  • Career
  • Chivalry
  • Dating & Relationships
  • Delusions / Denial
  • Double Standards
  • Entitlement B.S.
  • Equality B.S.
  • Family, Law, Etc.
  • Fears Men Have
  • Female Nature
  • Feminism B.S.
  • Future Predictions
  • Humor (Have A Laugh On Feminism)
  • Hypocrisy / Lunacy
  • Laws
  • Let Me Help You Out Here
  • Love
  • Main Goal Of Feminism
  • Make Up Your Mind / Double-Speak
  • Male Privilege
  • Male Treatment, Male Bashing, Anti-Male, Anti-Men Attitudes
  • #Metoo
  • Men & Women Are Different
  • Non-Conformers
  • Our Design (Man/Woman)
  • Pay Gap (Fact, Myth Or Part B.S.)
  • Sexual Liberation
  • Stacked Against Men, Nothing Equal/Fair In These Areas
  • Stats
  • Toxic Feminists
  • Toxic Masculinity? (Not Really)
  • War Against Boys & Men
  • Welcome To The World Of Men
  • What Men Do For You & Society
  • What Women Once Had
  • So, Where Do You Stand?

PART #3:
Chapter EXCERPTS From “Watch Out Ladies”
by Bart Smith

Watch Out Ladies by Bart Smith

Chapter #2 (EXCERPT)
Sex: With Multiple Men For Too Many Years

Chapter #4 (EXCERPT)
Postponing Marriage/Motherhood Into Your 30s/40s (Not The Best Idea! Here’s Why!)

Chapter #5 (EXCERPT)
Too Career Focused & For Too Long (Pros & Cons)

Chapter #7 (EXCERPT)
Personal Habits, Traits & Behaviors (That Can Drive Him Away!) = “TOXIC FEMININITY!“

Chapter #8 (EXCERPT)
Having Higher Income/Education Requirements Of Men (Here’s What To Do & Say To Him!)

Chapter #9 (EXCERPT)
Mr. Perfect vs. Mr. He’s Good Enough (“Yes, I Will …”)

Chapter #10 (EXCERPT)
M.G.T.O.W. (Men Going Their Own Way) “Ladies Be Worried …. NOW!“

Chapter #11 (EXCERPT)
Porn, Fapping, PMO, Sex Bots & “No More” Sex For You, Ladies! (“You’re Being Erased From His Mind!”)

Chapter #14 (EXCERPT)
Pop Culture & The Media (Nothing But Lies & More B.S. That Cause Women To Suffer Even More)

Chapter #15 (EXCERPT)
“The Wall” & Sexual/Marriage Market Value (Watch Out! oh, and … “Meowww!”)

What Should Women Do After Reading All This? Well, …

Summary & Words Of Encouragement

  • What Women Have To Understand, Accept & Declare
  • What Else, Must Be Done?
  • If Women Don’t Understand, Accept & Declare Feminism As Pure B.S. Then …
  • How Can I Help You Decide?
  • To The Naysayers About This Book

How are men and women supposed to interact among each other if only to come together for the occasional carnal lust-filled episode of a fast hookup via their favorite app? I don’t know if where we’re at today is progressing or regressing into some dark and lonely period in our lives where women postpone marriage into their 30’s and 40’s only to realize the BIG LIE feminists told them about having it all, or your career comes first (for 10 years while you ride the c**k carousel), family second if ever … Wow, sadly, what’s happening on the whole is women are entering their 30’s and 40’s single, alone, with a few nice friends who are single too, no boyfriend/husband and no children. Not that having children or getting married is the end all for everyone, but most would agree being in a relationship has its perks and having your own family sure beets living with cats for 40 years.


Take a peek inside this eye-opening book on the worst side of Feminism and how it’s destroying relationships between men and women today. Then order the paperback or become a member of my website and read + listen to it online!

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I also recorded a lot of the book in audio format so you can listen to it as you work, wait, play, drive, ride, etc. If you like these sample audio clips, then you’ll enjoy listening to the whole book as I recorded it. The audio comes with your eBook purchase.


“Wow, I couldn’t agree more with Bart’s take on (third wave) feminism. Feminism today has run its course and we no longer need feminists screaming down our necks that men are evil and toxic, when they need to look in the mirror to see real toxicity. Good job, Bart. No one could write a book on this subject like you. No one. You nailed it. Feminism is full B.S. today and I was a single mom in the 70’s who knows the advances women have made in the workforce and in society.” — Marie H., Las Vegas, Nevada

“As a guy, I can agree with a lot of what Bart wrote inside Feminism B.S. I would just be afraid to write a book like this. Wow, but you did it Bart. From one guy to another, I think you on behalf of all men who wish to express what you’ve written. I’m a married man, second time, but my first wife acted just like you describe in your book. (Not nice, at all, during our divorce. Nasty. Vindictive. Non-cooperative.) This book needs to get out to every woman who is single and married to understand the sacrifices men make for the women they love.” — John T., Los Angeles, CA

As a black woman, born in Jamaica, raised in the United States and who has traveled the world, I can tell you that a lot of women in the United States do tend to act the way Bart describes in his book, Feminism B.S. That is, how they act towards men in social/dating settings. Not all women, but a lot of them do. I think it’s because of how men are portrayed in the media, our society, schools and how we’re programmed to look down on men when men really do so much for women. I mentioned, being a black women, I can also tell you the feminist movement never really addresses our plight where income, relationships or career advancement is concerned. It does seem feminism today is all about white women and their need for more, more and more. Really? Like Bart said, go to other non-English speaking countries and see how their women are treated. It’s not at all pretty. Thank you, Bart, for writing a book like this. It’s very needed in today’s hostile climate towards men for the betterment of relationships too if a woman is going to find a good man these days. Wow.”  ~ M.G., Black Female, Investor, New York, New York

Bart Smith, Author of Find The One For Me


From decades of observation, it seems feminists and third wave feminism has been tearing at the fabric of our society that makes any society “civil” towards one another. Do I open the door for her or risk getting a nasty look. Do I approach her to strike up a casual conversation or do I get the “creep, get away” nasty look. Do I help her or get accused of harassment. Do I or don’t I? Eh, why bother! I’ll just be on my way, it’s easier. Perfect example, a guy can open the door for another guy if they happen to be going into a store at the same time and usually the response is, “After you …” (“Thank you.”) Gee, that wasn’t hard. But, try offering to do something kind for a woman today and you’re risking your life, career, bank account, social status, … all for offering to take 5 seconds out of your day to do something nice for someone (a woman, in particular) and risk them screaming bloody murder or worse, they’ll get “offended” because, “I can get my own door, thank you.” Sheesh! You’re with me on this, right? I shake my head at what’s going on today. Do you?

The problem with TOXIC, third-wave feminism for most people, men in particular, is that it paints men as monsters, rapists, sexual predators and such, which is not true at all. For those men who are, they’re caught, hopefully, tried and put in jail for a little while. ALL MEN being monsters is the first LIE, feminists instill in women daily across the airwaves of TV, print, radio, media, in our schools, and on the Internet. Okay, two can play that game. It’s easy in today’s world (for men) to think that all women are bat sh** crazy, because they can’t make up their minds as to how they want (men) to treat them. So, “BYE,” says men. Guess then, who loses in that scenario the MOST? Women!



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