My Networking Tactics by Bart Smith

My Networking Tactics
What No One Else Will Tell You: All The Tools, Tactics, Techniques & Tricks You Need To Know To Be Truly Successful At Networking

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How would you like to benefit from the exact networking tricks, tactics, techniques and tools I use when I go networking? Inside this masterpiece on networking are my personal networking tactics that no other book on networking will ever cover. If you network with others online/offline, and who doesn’t, this book is a must-have!

I’ll tell you this, no app, software program or online social networking service will prepare you for the actual “interface” communications, first impressions, lasting impressions and more that this book covers. What you say, how you come across, what you don’t say and/or do (and much more) has way more influence on you being a success at networking. Take it from me, you will excel at networking because of what’s inside this book!


170+ pages of pure networking wisdom!

Packed in this one single book on networking, you will learn more about networking and how to excel at it than any other book on market today. Yes, that is a challenge! Show me that book. There is none, but this one! 🙂



Feast your eyes on the following table of contents and tell me this isn’t going to take your current networking experiences and multiply them 100x more! Get ready to excel at networking like you never have before.

Talks about you finding where your target market networks and how to get there.

Discusses tactics related to the location of where you will be networking.

Goes over and reminds you of what your goals should be when it comes to networking and getting the most out of it. This is a great chapter to kick start your networking off right!

Here, I go into the tools you can use/bring to help enhance your networking experience.

Showing up to an event without resources is not good. I go into what type of resources you should show up with and how they can impact your networking.

Great chapter on how to prepare for a networking event. What to bring, what to do, what to prepare so you get the most out of every networking event.

This is a great chapter that talks about how you present yourself to those you network with.

My favorite chapter and one you will definitely get the most out of. I go into the exact words, statements and phrases you can use and say when it comes to conversation, how to start one, how to end one, along with questions to ask, you name it!

Specifically goes into what type of actions you can and should be taking when you are networking throughout a networking event.

What to do after every networking event to ensure your networking efforts pay off royally!


Take a peek inside the one and only book that contains my personal networking tactics, tips, techniques and everything else they don’t want you to know or could ever tell you about how to networking like a serious rock star pro! You won’t find another book like it. See for yourself and then order the paperback or become a member and read (and listen to it) it online!

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30 TRACKS TOTAL = 7 Hrs 18 Min 25 Sec

You should know, this was my favorite book to record for you. Inside this amazing audio book on networking, you are going to learn more than you ever could on networking if you were to read (or listen to) 100 books on networking. Seriously. Just listen to these excerpts below. Imagine, you can listen to all 30 tracks as you work, wait, play, drive, ride, etc. If you like these sample audio clips, then you’ll enjoy listening to the whole book. The audio comes with your eBook purchase.

  • Welcome Message -
  • Table Of Contents for My Networking Tactics -
  • What Is Networking & What Is My Definition Of Networking -
  • What Are Networking Tactics & Who Benefits From Using My Networking Tactics -
  • 15 Benefits For Mastering My Networking Tactics -
  • These Are My Top 10 Networking Components! -
  • My Secret Formula (The 3 Ps for Networking) Prepare Promote Perpetuate -
  • WARNING Message About Learning My Networking Tactics -
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“I met Bart at a Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce mixer with about 100 people attending. He walked in with his books and cookies and within an hour of not knowing anyone, including myself, he had 20 people standing around his table on and off chatting back and forth about so many different subjects. Talk about someone who can attract and entertain and enlighten people like no one else in the room was doing and there were some big players in there, let me tell you. Bart, I look forward to networking with you again at our next event. You absolutely rock, my friend.” — John Bradley, Aliso Viejo, CA

Wow, I thought I was great at networking. Bart outshines them all. When I first started networking with Bart I saw him to be a little reserved. I thought that was strange. Only until the last hour when everyone really started to get to know Bart and all he does and how he helps people did they all start to flock his way. Wow, is all I can say. Talk about a people magnet.” — Noa S., Los Angeles, CA


I remember what inspired me to write this book. I was helping a client out with her networking book when I noticed she didn’t cover many of the topics I thought were important to know about to be really successful at networking. I offered to share those topics with her, but she declined. She said she wanted to keep her networking book simple. I thought, “Good idea! You do that. I’ll write my own.” So, at 3:30 A.M. I sat down with a notebook and wrote out 101 things I do when I go about networking.

So, that said, you are in store to learn my personal networking tips, tactics, conversational techniques and approaches and so much more. Inside My Networking Tactics, I share with you the “rules of the road” when it comes to networking with others! You’ll learn how to:

  • Get your message out to others at the right time and to the right people;
  • How to pitch yourself and your business the right way without wasting valuable time;
  • How to greet people;
  • What to say to them;
  • How to get out of conversations you don’t want to be in anymore;

You’ll also get my best:

  • Personal opening lines, key questions, and how to ask them;
  • Tips on remembering names;
  • How to specifically prepare for a networking event (what to bring; what not to bring);
  • When to arrive; when to leave;

… and so much more.

You won’t find another book on networking written like My Networking Tactics! Hey, don’t leave home without it!

Bart Smith, Author of Find The One For Me



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