Sample Interviews With Bart Smith

Sample Interviews With Bart Smith

Below you’ll find audio recordings of real interviews with Bart about his books. Visit the page again as new interview recordings are being added all the time. If listening to them inspires you to interview Bart, then click here to schedule an interview with Bart right away. In a hurry? Call Bart directly at (323) 553-3210 PST to set up an interview.

Rich Coach Broke Coach INTERVIEW
You can listen to Bart getting interviewed about his two coaching books Rich Coach Broke Coach and 150+ Mistakes Coaches Make by Phil Black of and co-founder of Tala.Life.

If you’re interested in interviewing Bart about his coaching books and coaching forms, then listen to this interview for all the inspiration and confidence you need. Then, schedule an interview with Bart Smith.

Rich Coach Broke Coach by Bart Smith


Listen to these past interviews with Bart Smith about his book Laws Of The Bedroom to get a feel for how your interview with Bart might go as well. If you host your own radio/podcast/TV talk show and would like to interview Bart, it will be one of your most popular interviews. Your audience will enjoy hearing Bart being interviewed by you, immensely!

Laws Of The Bedroom by Bart Smith

Playboy RadioBart was also interviewed live on Playboy Radio’s “Night Calls” with Juli and Tiffany in Los Angeles, California; at the Playboy studios. While most interviews last between 20 minutes to an hour; this particular interview lasted almost three (3) hours LIVE on XM radio! Bart kept both Juli and Tiffany asking all kinds of questions from the book, about life, relationships, fielding phones calls from Playboy radio listeners; to which, Bart responded to every question with gallant confidence and humble charisma. The interview would have gone on longer, but there were other guests in the producer’s office, backing up, waiting to have their shows aired in the same studio room. Oh well, “to be continued!” Oh, both Juli and Tiffany (and Marie, their Segment Producer) loved the chocolate chip cookies!